Genital Warts Symptoms: You Might Not Notice Genital Wart Symptoms

Are you experiencing itching sensation around the vaginal area? Is your penis area covered by cauliflower-like lumps? If so, you might have developed genital warts symptoms in your genital areas. However, it might be possible that you have been affected by some other forms of STDs, but this article will help you to identify if you have genital warts symptoms at the initial level, yet you should leave the final diagnosis over doctors only.

These genital warts symptoms are seen at the initial stage of contracting this virus, but there are many indications which confirms that the person is effected with the virus, which in simple words mean Genital warts. Warts take many weeks to see with naked eyes, hence waiting for physical appearance of the warts would increase the intensity of the infection. Let us look at few of the common of the warts symptoms.

Cauliflower Florets- Few genital warts symptoms may resemble the shape of cauliflower florets. They can lay flat or can be lifted. They may appear individually or in groups around the vaginal or anal area. Even they may become apparent in the vulva or penis area as well.

These warts symptoms once diagnosed become easier for the doctors to recommend medications for the treatment. Based on the severity of the infection, expected period of carrying this infection, gender, area of infection on the body and type of infection ( i.e. external or internal) it becomes convenient to suggest appropriate methods for healing.

In pregnancy, you might see a flare up. You might be having a latent infection that flares up only during pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal changes in the body and the decreased body resistance. In such cases, you may see large warts appearing. If you have had oral sex with an infected person, the warts may also been seen in the mouth and the throat. These warts are soft and fleshy. You might notice a difficulty in swallowing due to warts in the throat. The genital wart symptoms have been outlined above. If you have any of the symptoms or have a positive history of unprotected sex with an infected person, you must consult a doctor immediately.

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