Genital Wart Treatment: The OTC Genital Wart Treatment

Genital warts can be defined as a highly contagious condition and can be spread through sexual contact. Usually it will take up to a year for the genital warts infection to even show up. Although the condition can be removed, the virus may still remain in your body tissues and cause more outbreaks of genital warts. The good news is there are some effective treatment methods you can use to put an end to this problem for good.

There are many options in treating genital warts. Most people prefer the much cheaper natural home remedies. The products used are easily available and are commonly found in the kitchen and in the market. The following natural methods are found to be as effective as the treatments prescribed and used by most doctors. However, these treatments may cause irritation on the affected area but will diminish two to three days after application is discontinued. Natural home remedies uses Vitamin E oil, crushed garlic, apple cider and the juice of chopped onions sprinkled with salt and soaked overnight. These are topically applied to the affected area.

A very good genital wart treatment is garlic. Simply crush a couple raw garlic cloves and apply the crushed garlic to the infected area. You may experience a burning sensation but this is normal. Allow the garlic to sit for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with a cotton ball. Repeat this natural treatment until the wart disappears.

Numerous types of medications have been made available today. It can be from the drug store or the internet. What you must take note of is how this will eliminate this kind of disease in your body. It is important to take note that these medications will be used on the most sensitive part of your genital area so you must consider any possible irritations it may cause.

Learn more about the product you want to use as genital wart treatment from reviews or from the people who already used them. This disease needs to be treated only with medicines.

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