Genital Wart Treatments: Natural Treatments for Genital Wart Sufferers

Let’s put it this way: No. That’s the short answer. The long answer is that some do, but you really shouldn’t try any home remedies. There are so many over the counter and prescription medications that work like a charm, and home remedies can be hit and miss, completely useless, or in some cases, even dangerous. Nevertheless, we’ll list a few home remedies that have been shown to have some moderate results on common hand warts, but we will say that we do not condone, endorse or recommend a single one of these as a genital wart treatments option. In other words, consider this a list of what not to do…

Potato and a Band-Aid- If you have a hand wart, a sliver of potato and a Band-Aid or some tape can work wonders to helping get rid of it. Not quite as effective as a pharmaceutical product, but not bad in a pinch or if you’re on a budget. The acids in the potato work much like the chemicals in wart treatment products, eating away at and dissolving the wart. You should not try this as a treatment for warts of the genitals for obvious reasons.

Vinegar- Another method that works okay on hand warts is the application of vinegar, which, again, does eat away at the wart, and which, again, should never be used for genital area warts, for, again, obvious reasons. The moral of the story here is simply: Do not use food products as a treatment for genitalia warts. Bath salts, herbal remedies and all natural treatments- There are no inherent dangers to using bath salts or any other sort of “all natural methods” for getting rid of warts. Herbal remedies, bath powders and feng shui can be great for relaxing around the house, but don’t expect to find the secret to curing HPV at your yoga class or from your Tai Chi instructor.

What we’re saying here is simple: If you think you have contracted genital warts, go talk to your doctor and get on a real treatment for this condition. Do not try to apply some sort of home remedy, and if you do, don’t expect it to come through in spades for you.

Medical treatments for warts have been proven to work time and again, while home remedies are rarely capable of more than a placebo affect, which may work fine for hypochondriacs, but which doesn’t really work so well for a skin condition like human papillomavirus.

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