Home Remedies For Genital Warts: Powerful Home Remedies For Genital Warts

Home remedies for genital warts are one of the first steps taken whenever any signs of ill health are seen. For problems that are not of a serious nature home remedies are fine. In fact several small problems do get solved by good home remedies.

Turning the focus towards the common home remedies for genital warts, covering the infected portion using garlic is considered to be a handy treatment. The covered portion should be kept bandaged for a night. After that, the patient may take a bath and remove the bandage. Usually, a small blister appears at the spot, and the body should absorb the blister. Ideally, by continuing the process for two weeks, the infected portion should recover pretty fast. By applying apple cider vinegar and nail polish at the infection portion every morning and evening for one week time also gives some good results and can be counted as one of the good home remedies for genital warts.

Another method of preventing the warts is using vitamin A from fish-liver-oil once a day, which gives a positive response in most cases. The patient should take garlic capsules and tablets. Spreading vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera juice, milkweed juice, clove oil, milk juice of unripe figs and lemon slices for two weeks may also help a lot in treatment of the genital warts.

Some experts say that baking soda should not be used in the treatment of these warts. This is because of the painful sensation that baking soda creates on the skin. One can also use garlic as a home remedy for genital warts. Some people also use the peel or the skin of a banana as a home remedy for genital warts.

This way, there are lots of natural home treatment which are very easy to follow. So when it comes to curing warts on the genitals one need not lose hope because there are lots of home cure options to treat them efficiently.

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