Fire safety tips for restaurants

Like any workplace a restaurant can be a very dangerous place if the correct safety measures aren’t taken and if people don’t act in the correct manner. What makes a restaurant even more dangerous though is the kitchen which has a lot of hot pots and pans around, open flames and ovens in constant use. With so many risks all active at one time it is vital that restaurant staff are sensible and are well trained to deal with possible accidents and fires.

Restaurants owners can however do quite a few different things to keep their restaurants as fire safe as possible and to stop out of control fires before they even occur. This isn’t just important for the restaurant premises but also for the safety of staff and customers of course too. One of the most important things is to regularly check fire extinguishers and to make sure there are enough throughout the restaurant.

Staff should also be extensively trained on what to do if there was a fire. This training should include things such as where fire alarms and fire exits are situated and the correct procedure for evacuating the building. Staff should also be trained in how to correctly tackle a fire using fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Because of the health requirements in the restaurant business most restaurants have a large amount of flammable chemicals and liquids including cooking oil. These should always be stored well away from any heat source so that there is no chance of them catching fire. They should also be disposed of in the correct way and not just tipped down a sink or gutter as there will still be traces of them there for a while. Restaurant extraction should also be regularly checked so that any smoke is filtered out as it should be.

When they aren’t being used all cookers should be switched off at the mains so that there isn’t still a supply of gas which could be ignited. Cookers can also have a thermostat fitted which will switch them off automatically if they go past a certain heat. To be very safe it is also advisable for restaurant owners to have automatic wet chemical systems fitted.

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