Feel The Power As You Grow Afro Hair Long

Anyone who has Afro-American hair needs to learn how to care and nourish their hair so that it grows strong and healthy. The hair may look thick but in actuality it is very fragile. This is due to the fact that the hair strands grow thin from the shaft and therefore curls easily, so make sure you read the suggestions given below, to learn how to grow afro hair long.

Trimming hair regularly in a month or two months will make hair grow out faster. When selecting shampoos you should make sure that it does not contain paraffin wax or minerals which cause hair breakage. Dorothy Charles, a specialist in black and textured hair, in her interview with Lucy and Litat.com, endorsed these views. She also maintained that it was not necessary to resort to using exorbitant products that contained various chemicals for looking after your hair.

Try using leave-on conditioners or natural conditioning product during the day and make sure that you avoid buying products that include sodium laurel sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate or any type of animal products. You can opt for products with natural plants. Permanent coloring, perms and straightening products will cause a lot of damage by drying your hair so you should try to avoid using them.

Do not damage and break hair by applying heat. Refrain from using flat or curling irons. You will find that your hair gets detangled easily when you use a comb with wide teeth instead of a brush. Since wet hair breaks easily, wait till it is air-dried, before you try to remove the tangles with a boar-bristled brush.

Any type of rubber bands are best avoided so if you wish to tie your hair or bunch it up use a scrunchy to help prevent hair from breaking. Do not pull your hair tightly away from the scalp. Lightly braid your hair before you get to bed to avoid letting it get tangled. You require having a lot of patience when you are on this regime. Remember that your hair will grow long by about half inch every month and you should do your best to keep it growing strong. Coconut oil is ideal for moisturizing your type of hair effectively so use it regularly to grow afro hair long.

The best grow hair advice you can get on the way to grow hair faster is to stick to a balanced diet and regular routine for hair care.

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