Feel The Great Feeling That Comes With A Completely Flat Belly

Are you struggling to get rid of that belly flab despite spending hours on end in the gym? If you are losing count of those abdominal exercise reps but not losing those calories around your waist, you are probably following the wrong path! Getting that toned stomach requires a bit more than mere physical strain – it demands a comprehensive health plan.

There are two distinct layers of fat that cover your abdominal muscles and the ideal workout targets both species. While the upper, or subcutaneous, layer has a lot more “visual effect” than the inner, or visceral, layer, it is the inner layer that poses a greater threat to your wellbeing.

This layer covers all your vital organs and is the primary cause behind a number of diseases and ailments like heart diseases, strokes, various forms of cancer and more.

The exercises and lower abs workout routine normally prescribed for this part of the body includes crunches and leg raises, none of which reduce the actual fat that covers your abs. To actually attack your abdominal fat in a way that hurts them, you need to understand the science behind the human body’s ability to burn fat.

The primary change is to bring in a full-body routine that addresses every single body part without losing focus of your body’s core. Such a routine will improve your body’s metabolism to the optimal rate, creating the perfect environment for burning fat. By removing the focus from the muscles and putting it onto the fat, these routines are your first step towards a perfectly toned male and female abs.

The abdominal muscles are connected to the rest of the body and to burn the fat above & below it, mere cardio and weight training isn’t enough! By ensuring that you have the right amounts of protein, fiber and nutrients running through your body, you guarantee that each time you hit the exercise floor, you will have the energy to burn that fat to bits.

Food will only help your fat-burning process if it is fresh and as close to its natural form as possible. The more processed your food is, the lesser nutrients it contains and the more harm it does to your system. Processed food is filled with all sorts of unnatural and harmful ingredients that are akin to poison for the human body.

That doesn’t mean that you rush out there and get your hands on the first fab-diet you can find. It simply means that if you want that toned stomach, you need to eat healthy food that gives you plenty of energy to last through that high-resistance, low-rep training schedule. Commit yourself to this lifestyle and your perfect abs won’t be too far away.

Leif Oakman is an authority on carving a toned stomach. For more great sources on how to tone your stomach visit his site at TonedStomach.org

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