Going From An RN To A BSN Concerns

There are numerous advantages of going from a Registered Nurse to a BSN to consider. Devote some time to investigation and think about the various classes that are out there for people who are taking on this choice. Also, consider practical issues, such as outside time commitments and the expense.


People who already hold registered nurse positions may be unsure if earning a higher degree is really definitely worth it. It can be a time devouring process and challenging for many to accomplish, if other significant responsibilities are held. This is particularly real in regards to the reality that obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing does not automatically mean earning more money straightaway.

Even though pursuing this more advanced degree does not necessarily mean a higher income, it does allow for more opportunities to advance in the field of nursing For example, management-level nursing positions call for a BSN. Promotions to higher positions in the field normally result in better salaries in time. Of course, there are still drawbacks for many registered nurses that make a decision to return to school an obtain a BSN.

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For many individuals, cost is the number one worry. However, lots of healthcare facilities and other employers do offer tuition reimbursement for those that take this action. This is a draw for some people to pursue a 4-year degree. Of course, analyze every options and talk with employers before enrolling in a course.

External commitments are another major concern for those who make a decision to return to college. In most cases, registered nurses who intend on going back to school have loveds ones, a full time job, and additional obligations to consider when making this kind of decision. In spite of all of this, there are still multiple choices to think about.

On-line classes are a time efficient method for many people get a more advanced degree in nursing out there. Hands-on experience is typically done in a medical facility near to the college student’s home for online nursing programs. Convenience is a big benefit to internet programs. On the other hand, some argue that traditional classes and peer interactions are essential for learning.

Moreover, some schools offer accelerated courses that allow individuals to earn a 4-year degree in reduced time. However, it normally requires people to currently have at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Those that have associate’s degrees typically won’t take as long to complete a 4-year course due to credits that may be transferable to the course.

Ultimately, how people decide to tackle earning a 4-year degree in nursing is an individual decision. It is vital to remember that there happen to be a number of programs out there designed for this particular goal. Contact schools of interest individually to learn pertaining to specific programs offered.

Arguments to decide on going from an RN to a BSN are many. The primary reason looks to be for increased personal fulfillment. However, added opportunities to advance in the field and to ultimately earn more money are also common reasons. Go over all practical issues and consider the pros and cons of this option before making a final decision about the best option given the unique situation at hand.

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