Facts About The Negative And Positive Probiotics Side Effects

Probiotics are nutritional supplements that are used to enhance the digestive process in human beings. There are positive probiotics side effects, as well as those of a negative nature. To gain a better understanding of such side effects, it is wise to first understand the supplement itself and the how it is designed to work.

The main benefit of the supplement is its ability to aid human digestion. The latter is the result of the live bacteria cultures contained within the product. The first probiotic research was conducted in the early 1900s and over 20 helpful strains of bacteria have been developed over the years. These are the ones used in the supplemental formula to enhance the function of the digestive system.

While such supplements are regarded as having numerous health benefits, there are also several negative effects with which they are associated. Upon initial use, the supplement will enhance bowel function and aid human digestion. It is helpful to many individuals who suffer from recurring constipation.

Individuals who take probiotic formulas also typically have softer stools and subsequently have easier and faster bowel movements. Among other initial effects of probiotic use is a decrease in the presence of gas and bloating. Those suffering from indigestion may also experience significant relief from their symptoms when such supplements are used.

Most formulas of this type also offer positive benefits. However, in many cases these benefits are realized only after long-term use of the formula. The benefits include a stronger and more efficient immune system. There are also studies that indicate the use of probiotic formulas can help to stabilize high blood pressure and lower triglycerides in some users.

Certain users of such formulas also experience weight loss after six or more months of consistent use. Additionally, some individuals suffering from lactose intolerance appear to enjoy a decrease in their symptoms with the supplement’s use. Probiotics are also frequently used as a remedy for the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Probiotics side effects can be negative in nature, as previously mentioned. Side effects of this type include cramping, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Research also suggests that the use of the supplement by those afflicted with chronic pancreatitis may increase their risk of death. Reactions to the supplement usually vary greatly from one person to the next, therefore discussing the use of probiotics or any new dietary formula with a doctor or other health care professional is always wise.

Probiotics have been promoted as a product for improving digestive system functioning in the human body. There is some indication that probiotics side effects are observed in some people and the probiotics irritable bowel syndrome connection is suspect.

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