Correct Use Of Stun Gun During A Burglary

I initially acquired a stun gun after a series of break-ins began to occur around my downtown apartment. I didn’t realize that getting a high voltage stun gun will truly save me from danger.

Several days after I ordered my high voltage stun gun, the unimaginable took place. I was preparing for bed after I heard a shuffling noise. I grabbed both my stun device and also mobile phone and went to give it a look. As I came into the kitchen, I found that a person was breaking in through a window through the fire escape.

I went at him right away and put the stun gun on his chest. The effect was quick. He began to have spasms and eventually fell down. I ran out of my apartment quickly, screaming that a burglar was inside. The police came after being called by a neighbor.

My own high voltage stun gun, a Stun Master 3.5 million volt rechargeable stun gun with flashlight, really ended up saving me that night. This experience led me to make use of more self-defense methods in my house and life.

I have put several door and window alarms inside my apartment after the incident. I have also obtained other stun weapons as well as positioned those in important locations around my apartment.

I prefer stun guns to other self-defense tools simply because of their potent effect. A high voltage stun gun is able to discharge huge amounts of electricity that could reach more than a couple of million volts.

Electricity causes a transitory effect on an assailant by disrupting the neuromuscular signals within the body. Its non deadly effect made my stun gun easier to use because I had no hesitation and fear of inducing mortal injury.

I opted for rechargeable stun guns that had an integrated charger, which could simply be plugged in a socket. Furthermore, it is far better to have a flashlight stun gun that could be used while jogging or whenever spending some time outdoors during the night. I put one in my car too for easy access.

Rezat N Embstun has been educating people how to use self defense items to protect themselves for years. There are many options, like stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He offers full help and instruction on how to use the items.

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