Facts About Bunion Surgery San Francisco

Most bunions are able to be treated without needing any form of surgery. However, when such non surgical treatments do not suffice, surgical operations are able to relieve the pain and help those affected to resume their normal activities. The decision on whether surgical operations are the best option for individuals is advised by an orthopedic surgeon. In considering bunion surgery San Francisco residents need to understand the entire procedure.

A bunion refers to an enlargement of bones or tissues that are found around a joint at the base of the big toe. The enlargement can also take place at the base of the little toe. The bunions come about whenever joints undergo stress over a long period of time. Most cases are reported in ladies. This is due to the fact that they put on tight, pointed and confined shoes. Other than that, the condition is genetic and may thus be inherited. People with arthritis are also more at risk.

There are many types of surgery, and for every infection a different one is used. This depends on the severity of the condition, the level of activity of the patient, their general health and their age. It is also important to consider the condition of their bones and tissues.

In instances where the bunions are mild, the surgery gets rid of enlarged portions of bones. After this, the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints get realigned. For the moderate bunions, there is the cutting of bones and shifting them to their proper position. If in any case the bones need to be cut, this is dependent on the location and severity of the deformity.

The most serious bunions are severe and thus may involve removal of enlarged bone portions. The bones may have to be cut and realigned in addition to there being correction of ligaments and tendons. There is the possibility that affected joints could be damaged beyond repair as is the case in arthritis patients. This would call for such joints getting replaced or reconstructed with new ones.

Reasons to undergo this surgical procedure include foot pain that results even when one is walking or putting on shoes that are flat and comfortable. Surgeries may also be recommended when chronic toe inflammation fails to subside even after one uses medications. Other reasons that call for surgical operations are toe deformity, inability to bend the big toe and drifting of the big toe towards the small one.

Just like in any other surgical procedure, there is the possibility of complications occurring. Possible complications include but are not limited to stiffness, swelling, infections, numbness and delayed healing. There are also other complications such as recurrence of bunions after the procedure, damage to nerves as well as continued pain. Any such concerns and complications should be discussed with the doctor.

In considering undergoing bunion surgery San Francisco doctors give guidelines on the recovery process. The process is dependent on the type of anesthesia given. During the recovery, there is monitoring of circulation and sensation of the foot. Doctors will more often than not recommend exercises or physical therapy for faster recovery.

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