Six Hemorrhoids Treatments To Ease Your Pain

The condition of hemorrhoids is extremely distressing, physically. The veins located in your posterior area are the reason for this health issue. Inflammation and swelling of these veins occurs. At some time during their lives, 75% of Americans will suffer with hemorrhoids.

There are a number of remedies to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids. These treatments can prevent flare ups. They help reduce the likelihood that constipation will occur, in turn reducing the likelihood that hemorrhoids will develop. When you have flare ups, you can do some things to help relieve your symptoms.

1) Fiber – Fiber has been demonstrated to consistently assist in easing the signs of hemorrhoids. It helps make the stools softer and bulkier. By adding foods containing fiber to what you eat, you increase dietary fiber. Veggies and whole grains are foods that have extra fiber.

2) Liquids – Up your intake of liquids daily. You can loosen your stools by increasing your fluids. Consequently, this alleviates the discomfort of swollen hemorrhoids.

3) Hemorrhoid Ointment – Most stores carry ointment for hemorrhoids. These creams aren’t intended as a complete hemorrhoid cure. They will, however, give you a lot of needed pain relief.

4) Witch Hazel – This is among the most effective remedies available. Using a cotton ball, just apply the Witch Hazel to the rectal area. Chilling the witch hazel before hand is a good idea. It makes the blood vessels diminish in size.

5) Stay away from certain food items – While foods don’t actually make hemorrhoids more severe, they can aggravate them. Try to avoid a lot of strong spices. Try not to drink beer, cola and coffee.

6) Sitz Bath – The discomfort of hemorrhoids can be relieved with this remedy. Soak in a warm bath of 3-4 inches of warm water. Not only will this alleviate the pain, it will also improve blood flow to the area. This will aid with shrinking your swollen veins.

The condition of hemorrhoids is sometimes a distressing part of life. Living normally can be hard if you suffer from them. Embarrassment can result from the itching and pain. It can be difficult to remember that others suffer from hemorrhoids as well, since you don’t feel comfortable discussing it.

Then we walk around in pain, and pretend like nothing is wrong. We just tell people that we are under the weather. Hemorrhoids can make it hard to pretend you are comfortable. It can overtake your life. There are things you can do, however.

Giving some of these remedies a try will help to prevent hemorrhoid flare ups and provide relief from pain of any hemorrhoids that have formed. They can help you prevent embarrassment from taking over your life.

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