Exercises That Can Help You to Shed Weight in a Weight Loss Boot Camp

Plenty of people make great effort to lose weight but often fail which is why they move to the route of weight loss boot camp which is an effective method to get you fit and target the excess fat. These boot camps only recruit professional trainers who assist you at every step of the training and exercise.

People who want to shed some weight healthily or have plans of joining a weight loss boot camp should read this article as you will be acknowledged with the exercises that are carried out in a camp to cut down the excess weight.

1. High Knee Exercise: Many weight loss boot camps have adapted this exercise. This exercise is started by lifting knee high towards chest and then foot is put back in the first square. It is repeated again with other foot and the person jogs with moderate to fast speed, also maintaining less floor contact time.

2. Burpees: This exercise is not as simple as it looks; a person has to start it by standing straight and then slowly going into the push-up position. Then the person returns to standing position with hands above the head.

3. Kettlebell Swings: One of the challenging exercises is kettlebell swing in which you hold a kettlebell by both hands and swing it right through the gap between your two legs and then bring it back up to your eye level, this helps to tone the muscles of back and shoulder effectively.

4. Elevated Push Ups: Lots of boot camps stress on push-ups since this exercise tones up the arms and muscles around torso region. In elevated push-ups the body weight is balanced and supported by both hands and legs are raised. To keep legs elevated stool or a box is used.

5. Copy the Leader in Shadow Runs: Most candidates feel more focused in this exercise. Trainees stand in pair and one of the trainees is made leader who runs and follower runs behind the leader. While running whatever leader does, follower has to copy that. The role is also switched to give everyone a chance to be in the lead.

There are plenty more exercises that vary from camp to camp. The professionals and experienced trainers assign exercises to every individual as per the health requirement and body type so that effective results are obtained.

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