Effective Exercises for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Do you currently feel pain in your shoulder area? If you do, its possible that you have torn your rotator cuff. There are a number of reasons that a tear in the shoulder area could occur. The people that take part in sports and are very active are at a higher risk for these kinds of injuries. While rotator cuff injuries can cause serious limitations in the movement of the arm, they can also be very difficult to reverse. However, there are some effective exercises for rotator cuff injuries that will restore range of motion, strength, and endurance.

While we often look at shoulder exercises as those exercises that involve body weight (wide grip pushups) or free weights (dumbbell shoulder raises), stretching exercises for rotator cuff injuries can be considered a very helpful shoulder exercise as well. This is doubly true for those that may be currently suffering from an injury. Stretches can help slowly develop strength in the rotator cuff region and set the stage for the body’s ability to perform the more complex shoulder injuries down the road. Stretches are usually performed in a light and mild manner since harsh stretches can aggravate an injury. So, do not overdo it when you start performing shoulder stretches since doing too much will not lead to quicker results.

The most common exercises that develop rotator cuff strength will usually involve bending the arm at the elbow in a 90 degree angle, raising it upwards, and lowering it as it remains bent. If you are new to this kind of exercise, don’t add any weight to the routine. You will be able to develop the needed strength by just performing the range of motion. Repeat these exercises as many times as needed for the body to get used to the movement. Even with no weight added, you will be able to improve the shoulders condition and get the body ready for rotator cuff exercises that use progressive resistance.

When the time comes to add progressive resistance to the rotator cuff exercises, you don’t have to exclusively use free weights. It’s a good idea to start with elastic bands which are considered to be common tools for use with exercises for rotator cuff injuries. Once you have developed additional strength with the elastic bands, you will be able to start using free weights.

The amount of weight you will use when doing the dumbbell exercises for rotator cuff injuries will depend on what level your strength is currently at. Individuals that are suffering from an injury should not use a lot of weight to start out. Using light cardio dumbbells would be a good place to start, just as lifting the weights at a moderate to high number of repetitions. If you begin to feel any kind of pain or strain the exercise should be stopped immediately.

Exercises for rotator cuff injuries are not as complex as some assume. They start with very light stress levels and the intensity is gradually increased. By starting out on the slow path, you reduce the potential for aggravating the injury and greatly increase the potential for healing the problem.

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