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Teens play video games more often and longer then before. If you have kids you surely have noticed how they can be mesmerized for hours at a time by a game.

Since kids love games anyways, we might a well build games that will stimulate and encourage them to learn.

That is exactly what is happening. Many corporations have designed and built sites, free sites, which allow kids to learn but have fun at the same time through cool games.

Some corporations have even joined forces in order to create games that kids can learn from. For example, Capital One and Junior Achievement just announced the launching of a new website that features a game that shows young folks how to manage finances and look for a job. How is that for some fun!

The player creates an identity; they have a name, a job and a family. The point of the game is to overcome obstacles such as balancing work with a household while working. It teaches students real-life skills that can be utilized as they grow older.

Not a bad idea at all considering how hard it is for most adults even to manage their finances. Now young kids can find out what it’s like to have responsibilities and how to manage money; skills that are good to develop at any age. Trident Army Education Online offers online education to all military and army personnel.

As we all know, many parents often play or join in when their kids are playing games. This means that these educational games can be used as “family time”. The family gets to spend quality time together, while the kids are learning with their parents by their side. It’s a way to bring the family together.

In addition, a new website that features games that teach math and reading was launched during the same week that Capital One and Junior Achievement’s site was started. Fun Brain manages the site. The firm has been developing educational online videos since 1997. Military College Education offers accredited online Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees.

Of course, there are many people both in and out of the education trade that insist that these games may be addictive or unproductive. However, if kids are drawn to games and enjoy them, we might as well use their enthusiasm in order to teach them.

Written by Noreen J Bueller – Trident Military Distance Learning offers online education to all military and army personnel.

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