Does the FDA Accept the Fact of Electronic Cigarettes?

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to complete a full evaluation for safety and effectiveness of ecigarettes. Thus far the FDA has found that there is a distinct concern that these products have been found to contain nicotine. These devices can look the same as cigarettes but they do not have some of the same health risks. Since many see them as a deception device, many smokers are hesitant to use them because of the unknown health risks.

The general public composite perspective of the e-cigarette atomizers has given the fake notion that these devices do not produce any second hand smoke or that they are as deadly as regular cigarettes. As well the products containing nicotine, which is derived from tobacco, yet are not being held to pre-market review requirements that have been mandated by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The FDA is actively developing regulative procedures for this new group of tobacco products so that they will be covered and regulated under this important legislation that was designed to protect people from nicotine addiction and harmful habits to health.

The e-juice that is contained in these electronic cigarette cartridges has been analyzed by the FDA. They have found in the laboratory analysis that there are toxic chemicals in the liquid. The chemicals included in the nicotine based mix are diethylene glycol, which is used in antifreeze, nicotine and other carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamines. This liquid can also be purchased in different types of flavors like mint, chocolate and even vanilla.

Another concern with these devices is how easy they are to purchase which has many parents and health care officials worried. People can purchase them online or at local retail stores. There are no health warnings on their labels. In other words, these devices are marketed as a perfect replacement for conventional cigarettes and they provide a false notion that they are actually better than regular cigarettes.

The FDA has already sent out warning to many manufacturers asking them to comply with their requests. The FDA has been lead to giving companies the ultimatum to either clean up their act or that they will be shut down.

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