Disturbances Connected With Hot Flashes During Menopause.

Hot flashes (sudden redness and sensation of heat throughout the body or in its upper half, face and neck) – are an unpleasant manifestation of menopause, and they cause even greater concern, if a woman is in the team. For many women hot flashes – are a real torture.

“One of the things is intolerable sudden sweating, a feeling of helplessness when you are surrounded by a dozen men who look at you, and beads of sweat begin to run down the temples and fall on the blouse. “I was most worried about the unpredictable nature of sweating, loss of control may be the reason that you try to avoid such situations and, eventually, fall into social isolation.” These words of a business woman in menopause allow understanding how dramatic can be the problem of the hot flashes. These disorders often lead to significant deterioration of quality of woman’s life.

Sudden bouts of sweating are associated with dysregulation of vascular tone and body temperature due to changes in hormonal balance in women. They often occur at night (night sweats) and can lead to sleep disturbances. During the day, the development of hot flushes and sweating can be be provoked by a number of factors: drinking coffee and, in general, eating hot foods and drinks, alcohol, mental stress situation, and much more. Many of these factors tend to be eliminated.

Of course, you can reduce the reception of hot drinks, or just give up coffee, alcoholic beverages, but to completely eliminate receiving heated foods and beverages is not possible. Anxiety and agitation may be reduced by several classes of autogenous training or yoga. However, the most effective protection against hot flashes and sweats during menopause is to restore the hormonal balance in the body through hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

When menopause syndrome the so-called “hot flashes” can be observed up to 30 times a day, sleep disturbances develop into insomnia, and irritability – in alarm.

Enduring menopause night sweats, sleeping hot or trying to save money on your air conditioning? It is possible to stop those hot nights and sweating at night, and start sleeping cooler.

Night sweats can be caused by medical conditions, drugs, one may be naturally a hot sleeper – luckily the online network can suggest lots of info about how to prevent night sweats all together and purchase a remedy for it.

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