Differences In Car Trends

Americans like to do it big; we like big hair, big meals and big cars. Some of the most popular cars in the country are massive such as the Mercedes G Wagon, the blinged out Escalade and luxury SUV’s such as Land Rover. You will never see a compact car in a music video on Mtv; all the cool kids want to drive a big car! Smaller cars like the Fiat don’t tend to sell to well on this side of the pond. Visit hyundai orange county for great deals on Hyundai cars in OC

One of the most popular big trucks in America is the Ford F-150. The F-150 is a powerful workhorse that can tow heavy loads as well as double as a daily commuter. It’s actually the #1 best-selling truck in the States. Big SUV’s are also quite popular. Cars like Hummers are still in abundance despite high gas costs. SUV’s like the Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon are considered status symbols and a sign of affluence. However, SUV’s have been losing some of their “coolness” once suburban soccer moms started driving them. Car Service Marin car repair san rafael offers repair and service in Corte Madera and San Rafael.

It’s no surprise that Europeans like smaller cars. Europe is a lot older than America and as a result the roads there tend to be a lot older and super small and narrow. Popular cars in European nations include the Volkswagen Golf, Renault Clio, Opel Corsa, Peugeot, Citroen C3 and Fiat Punto.

Another big difference between the European and U.S auto market is the affinity for diesel engines in Europe. Diesel engines are very rare in the U.S’ most car dealers don’t even carry models with a diesel engine. Diesel engines are a lot more expensive to manufacture and as a result cars with a Diesel engine are very expensive and Americans are simply not willing to pay the price.

When it comes to the Middle East, many countries here are extremely wealthy and luxury cars are a common sight in places like Dubai and Kuwait. People here love cars like Bentley and Ferrari.

Wealthy Arabs will even transport their exotic cars with them occasionally when they stay in London and you can spot a ton of super exotic cars on the street there with Arab license plates. SUV’s also tend to be quite popular in Middle Eastern nations.

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