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Be My Friend Diet Weight Loss Secret Healthy Tips – Clinical Nutrition Visit Radhia’s Website at RadhiaGleis is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN She is also a Certified BioNutritional Analyst. She has a Ph.D. in pastoral counseling and a M.Ed. in nutrition. She is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, (IAACN), and the American Naturopathic Medical …

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  1. Healthy life transformer! I love this!

  2. SiliconValleyPlans says:

    This seems like it will work. More frequent checking up is the difference.

  3. Derrica85 says:

    lol its b33n 10 months have u lsot ur twenty?????

  4. Derrica85 says:

    oh and im 23, i have 4 kids, all under 5. yeah i gained alot of weight, im working on it. thats all i keep telling everyone. it take time to lose weight.

  5. Derrica85 says:

    well…….. i lose 13 lbs in 3 weeks, by still eating just work out everyday. Like they say when u starve ur self it come back, plus some. i know it happen to me. When u start back eating ur body is going to keep that food, cuz it dont know when ur going to eat again.

  6. impulsive2urge says:

    i lose 20 pounds for 3 weeks by just starving my self. i’m 20. Is it true that it is easier to lose weight while you’re younger than you’re older? i mean is metabolism faster if you’re younger than when you’re older like 30’s or 40’s?

  7. yukishiro1980 says:

    except from looking your physical appearance in front the mirror, prolly u can use weighing or go to your school clinic to check your bmi

    if you walk 45-1 hours a day, u will definitely lose fats but not much muscle (considering you are contracting your muscles)

    its hard to remove your muscles than your fats tho 😉 while walking your said hours, eat hi protein to promote your tissue building

  8. psychetruth says:

    I’ve recently lost 25 pounds without counting a single calorie and without going hungry.

    I’m just not eating refined carbohydrates and I’m exercising about 30 mins a day in front of the TV to raise my metabolism.

    I don’t consider that I’m on a diet, I’m just eating the right foods. This is mostly whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat.

    You can lose weight by lowering your calories while you eat total crap food and be hungry all the time or you can just eat a healthy diet.

  9. senseless143 says:

    I’m calorie counting BUT I eat mainly healthy foods, eliminating all processed foods. Won’t that do?

    Also, how do you answer the study that finds that it doesn’t matter what diet you’re on, calories is calories and the most important is ceating calorie deficit? I’m very interested with your comment with this one.

    I love your videos and please make more!

  10. liplylips says:

    So if a 5 foot person eats 1200 calories a day and walks 45-1hours a day. You will lose fat?? How do you know if you lose fat or muscle? I cant be with a clinique so i need to know what i can do on my own…

    I’m only 16 going on 17…and 5ft and 1half inches tall. I want to make use i dont lose muscle..

  11. LifeInFastLane101 says:

    I am currently trying to lose the excess weight I gained during the holidays. I’ve been exercising but the diet is actually a little harder to stick to.

  12. FlowingGeisha says:

    I’m talking about weight loss diets.

  13. loderchris says:

    A diet is what you eat, so I am on a diet.

  14. i like the log analogy.

  15. toogood03 says:

    i will loose the excess fats, i will have muscles to get rid of that fats. ofcourse, i will LOOSE WEIGHT!! yeyy! damn.gonna do this!wait. im hungry. haha wAAAAAAAAAh.needing a workout trainer.

  16. kristea0337 says:

    “I go to the gym…well…sometimes.” LOL that is so funny.

    You are so right. Accountablity, even if it is just to yourself, is definately one of the keys to success. But even more so is your mentality. You have to be willing to accept responsibility for your actions, not get to depressed when you don’t loose or when you gain, & decide to do better the next week. I’ve never been good at the mentality part of it in the past until this year & now I’ve lost over 40 lbs.

  17. FlowingGeisha says:

    Now when someone says diets don’t work. It’s like diets don’t work Weight Watchers does. I like your green screen and I liked your metabolism story and adding fuel to the fire, logs and candles oxymorons.

  18. gyefinger says:

    i also agree that it is not easy to change habits. It is almost like anything else in life, once you see it for what it is and it is identified that still doesn’t make it go away–but at that point you have the knowledge, execution is the battle. Once you have executed and see and feel results its not as easy to claim no control:)

  19. quietwolf11 says:

    I do have a healthy way of eating. I start my morning with a Fruit Spiruteen Shake, and have small meals thru the day about 5. Then at night, I eat a light snack of fruit or yogurt and I sleep better like that too. By walking even three times a week, for even 20 minutes, you can stretch all your muscles at the same time. I also do massage, and I see alot of people who do not exercise or even walk, and they have the most muscle problems as well.

  20. MasterChief22530 says:

    U serious? u lost 20 pounds from walking? i gotta try doing that, but a healthy diet is more important

  21. quietwolf11 says:

    I lost twenty pounds by using Spiruteen, a healthy good tasting drink with vitamins, that has spirulina. It was more about exercise, and I just walked. I’m not too good at doing a regular gym routine so I walked, and worked out at home. This weight was from menopause.

  22. i just need to lose 20 pounds
    really, i don’t care what it is, I’ll do it
    I’ve tried a lot.

  23. what is a good green drink??

  24. Susan Powter is still doing what she does you can visit susanpowter . com to find out if interested.

  25. ahiproductions says:


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