Diet For Healthier Skin

Diet for healthier skin is the way for clearer and beautiful skin. Diet is most likely to be the most important factor in skin care.There ought to be a proper balance diet in every meals in right proportion of fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.Vegetarian diet lacks in protein so they need to include good amount of proteins in their diet while non-vegetarians have rich amount of protein in their diet. One should avoid eating all junk food, fried food, fast food and saturated stuff to maintain the good condition of the skin as they are the main cause of getting acne break outs after hormonal imbalance. In America the majority of people eat too much fat and not enough fibre and for many people a healthy diet is easy and simple. Moving towards a healthy diet may just mean eating more vegetables, fruit, cereals, bread, potatoes, and pasta. Selenium is a mineral antioxidant that will help minimized the damage of ultraviolet lights. Zinc is for boosting the immune system and promoting optimum health. There are 5 basic food groups and a healthy diet consists of eating a variety of foods from all of the groups but in the correct proportions. First is Bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, noodles and breakfast cereals.

Second is fruit and vegetables. Third is milk and dairy foods. fourth is Meat, fish, poultry and pulses and last is foods containing fats and sugars. Proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins are the main skin foods which one needs to increase in the diet if the skin is saggy or is older than the actual age. Vitamin C-vitamin C is a very helpful vitamin in keeping all the allergies away from body and help increasing the immune system.Sugar is one of the main sources of carbohydrates but it causes more damage than benefit so one should keep a check on the sugar intake in one’s diet. Vegetarian diet lack proper proteins so vegetarians can increase their intake of pulses, dairy products, and sprouts, which are rich source of proteins. Soya beans too are a great source and these days they are available in different meal types in markets as Soya chunks, Soya granules, Soya flour, which is very good for body and skin. Vitamin E to protect your cells against free radicals. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps slow the aging of skin cells and promote healthy skin.

Healhty Skin Diet Tips
1. Food eaten should be warm, freshly cooked and must be in proper quantity.
2. Virudh anna (food that is incompatible with each other) should not be taken. Such as fruit salads prepared in milk or milk preparations must be avoided with fish.
3. The environment around while consuming food must be clean, pleasant and hygienic.
4. Spicy, very hot, oily, fried and pungent food must be avoided and thus junk food, fast food from outside must be avoided.
5. Large amount of water, liquids, juices etc must be taken to reduce dryness of the intestine and drain wastes out of the blood through urine.
6. Fruit juice such as grapes, lemon, etc. is also recommended.
7. Selenium plays a key role in skin cancer prevention.
8. Zinc is for boosting the immune system and promoting optimum health.
9. Selenium is a mineral antioxidant that will help minimized the damage of ultraviolet lights.
10. Vitamins are essential in one’s daily diet and they play a very important role in skin care.
11. Drink Plenty of Water.

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