diabetes 2

Diabetes 2 is a life style disease with a global spread. It is characterized by significantly high levels of blood sugar or blood glucose. Diabetes type ii is also known by the names: Diabetes 2, Adult-onset diabetes and Noninsulin-dependent diabetes. If you come across these names, note that they refer to the same type of diabetes. Anyone around the world is prone to type ii diabetes but you can still lead a full life if you follow your doctor’s directives. When you are diagnosed with diabetes 2 or any other type, you are always advised to adhere to a strict diet and regular exercises. It is manageable.

The pills made from bitter melon extract in bitter melon diabetes are sold as a food supplement called Charantia and are exported from the Philippines to other countries. The actual bitter melon fruit contains other chemicals besides the one used for diabetes pills in bitter melon diabetes. The bitter melon fruit has substances that actually generate the protein AMPK that is missing in the body chemistry of diabetics. That missing protein in bitter melon diabetes is what is needed to manage glucose in the body.

Natural treatment for diabetes involves regular exercise. Exercise is a great way to reduce calorie levels in the body, hence a good natural treatment for diabetes. This method is especially advised for those with type 2 diabetics. This is because being overweight is one cause of this type of diabetes. With regular exercise, the blood sugar level in the body will be reduced.

Aloe Vera can be used for naturally treating diabetes. When it is in its gel form, it contains active ingredients that can be effectively used to treat diabetes. Aloe Vera has mostly been used for treating skin problems. It is only recently that its ability for treating diabetes was discovered. Even though many studies have not been done to prove this, there are significant numbers of cases that have confirmed their effectiveness in treating diabetes.

Pre diabetes diet comprise of Complex carbohydrates which are; brown rice, skim milk, soy milk, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, oatmeal, turnip, cucumber, whole barley and lettuce are high fiber foods which helps in digestion and also helps in maintaining blood sugar ( glucose ) at a normal level and also include different types of beans in your pre diabetes diet.

Stress is a issue with diabetes. Learn how to take care of yourself living a stress free life. Stress in your body can increase problems with your health. Take control of your mind and thoughts. If you feel the need for professional help, please get the help that you need. Stay positive with you life while being sick.

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