Common Herbs Used to Treat Infertility

Approximately one out of six couples in the United States struggle with infertility. A couple is considered to be infertile, if they are unable to successfully conceive after twelve consecutive months of having unprotected sex. Some couples turn to infertility treatments provided by fertility specialists. There are other couples that look to infertility herbs as an alternative form of treatment. There are many infertility herbs that can be used to treat this condition.

To improve sperm count and production, men need to alter their diet to include supplements of certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs for fertility. Vitamin B12 is present in milk, cheese, and eggs. Vitamin E is offered in wheat, peanuts, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Vitamin C is found in broccoli, cabbage, bell pepper, and citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemons, limes, and oranges. Shellfish, eggs, mushrooms, and walnuts include selenium. The mineral zinc can be found in red meat, eggs, and shellfish. Folic acid is apparent in lettuce, spinach, apricots, cabbage, broccoli, beets, celery, grapes, green beans, and apples. Beta carotene in carrots will also improve this problem.

Vitamin B6 and B12 combined with folic acid are very important vitamins to use while trying to conceive. They are key to reproductive health. B6 helps increase fertility in women. A man who does not get enough B12 has a low sperm count. Eat foods like eggs, cereal, meat, whole grains, liver, and beans to get plenty of B6 and B12.

Ovulation pills save you from the illogical practices of the past and allow you to make your dream of childbearing a reality. They aim to regulate and normalize the hormone levels in the body. It strengthens and supports the uterus which will serve as the fetus’ home for nine months. Ovulation pills increase ovulation in women with irregular periods and ovulation cycles. They support reproduction and hormone secretion which are all important factors for a successful conception to occur.

Yoga is one of the enjoyable forms of self-care available to women who are seeking to enhance their fertility. Yoga, with its fluid stretching and deep breathing rejuvenates both body and mind. If youve been told that the muscles of your uterus are weak, combining yoga and Chinese fertility herbs like red raspberry leaf may offer a solution. Yoga teachers can show you restorative poses that boost circulation and make the muscles of the pelvic area more supple. Red Raspberry leaf is one of the most trusted Chinese fertility herbs for toning uterine muscles, improving your ability to carry a baby to term and making the birthing process easier.

One such natural fertility herbs product currently available on the market which comes highly recommended is Mothers Hope ” Natural Fertility System. This product comes in two parts ” the first part is known as Mothers Hope and the second part is known as Fathers Hope. Mothers Hope is the natural fertility formula for women. It is used to regulate and normalize hormone levels in women, strengthen and support the uterus and support reproduction and hormone secretion in women. Similarly, Fathers Hope aids in increasing fertility in men as it improves sperm counts and motility, boosts seminal volume and strengthens and supports sperm creation.

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