Determining If Hair Loss After Child Birth Is Common

After giving birth to a child, a woman’s body is prone to go through some disturbing things. Hair loss after child birth is actually a common occurrence that many women face. The reason why you typically do not hear about women facing this problem is because a lot of women believe that they are the only ones that are forced to go through this odd occurrence.

Even though this entire situation can seem a little overbearing it is important to have a strong understanding of how hairs naturally grow first. By understanding the natural growth patterns of your hair, you can determine why you are losing a portion of your mane upon giving birth to your little bundle of joy.

The hairs on our heads go through two different types of growth stages. The general growth stages that we immediately notice last anywhere from four to seven years. During this growth period, you will notice that every single month your mane has gained an additional inch to two inches. This growth phase is commonly referred to as the anagen phase, and during this period some women will experience an immense amount of growth, while others may not.

The second growth cycle that a humans mane goes through is known as the telogen phase. Most women tend to notice that they are losing hairs during this particular phase. However, when your hairs are undergoing this phase you are actually losing a few hairs in order to make room for new growth. This entire period will last anywhere from three to four months, and you could end up losing close to one hundred or more hairs during this time.

Pregnant women will generally begin to notice that the hairs on their heads are growing at a faster rate than they did when she was not with child. A pregnant woman will also notice that the hairs on her head are extremely thick and a lot stronger than they are when she is not pregnant.

After a woman has given birth, her hormones will change drastically. Her hairs follicles will immediately go into a resting phase; therefore she will notice that the hairs on her head are not growing as quickly as they were when she was carrying her child inside of her. Breast feeding, also causes a woman to lose a great deal of nutrients which can also contribute to losing more and more hairs.

To set your mind at ease, be aware that losing hairs after child birth is a normal occurrence. After you have delivered your little bundle of joy, your body will continue to try to bring itself back to a normal state.

Women that experience hair loss after child birth will not have to worry about taking any additional measures to obtain their lost hairs back. There are so many women that believe that if their hairs are proceeding to fall out that they have to take measures back into their own hands in order to rectify their current condition.

However, if you do notice that the entire escapade continues to happen then you should seek some medical attention. Generally, the entire phase should only last about three to four months after you have delivered.

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