Walking – A good Form Exercise

There are many reasons why people engage in brisk walking. Some of these are because walking is an effective mood shifter from bad to good. It can treat many ailments and you do not have to spend more for it to be effective and an easy exercise.

Walking Strengthens the Heart – If you have a heart disease or even a love problem it is better for you to engage on a walking exercise or a brisk walk. A study suggests that a person who walks more has higher mortality than a person who walks less. Walking is a good form aerobic exercise and the reason why walking is a cardiovascular exercise because it is good for the heart. A woman who walks three hours or more per week reduces the risk of heart attack.

Walking is Healthy for the Brain – Our brain needs oxygen to function well. A person who lacks oxygen in the brain tends to be tired and sleepy than a person who has enough or more oxygen in the brain. Walking is good for the brain because it increase blood circulation that increases the reach of oxygen to the brain. Walking backward is good for the brain because it is a neurobic activity – an activity that lets new neural connections to grow in the brain.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes by Walking – Sugar is the source of energy in our body. This energy will keep a person from moving and being active. If you do not have an active physical activity but you have more sugar intake then you are endanger of diabetes. To prevent this take a walk everyday because walking is a simple exercise that uses much energy in the body.

Walking Good Bone Exercise – According to studies bone loss rate can be slower if you are a frequent walker or if you engage in a walking exercise and a high whole body bone density can be achieved if you walk daily.

Reduce Breast cancer Risk – Walking can reduce the risk of breast cancer because walking reduces the amount of fats that is the source for estrogen.

Walking Aids you to Sleep – The level of serotonin increase when you walk and serotonin is a very important hormone in the body because it keeps your body relax. Walking can also increase body temperature and if body temperature lowers down then you will feel sleepy.

Aside from walking that can also improve fitness and physical body functions it has many advantages the reason why many engage in this type of exercise. Keep healthy now engage in brisk walking.

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