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Judy who recently got a divorce and left to take care of two kids ages 7 and 10 is on the verge of breaking down. She is oftem overwhelmed at how her marriage failed and how her husband of 14 years could treat her as if they never loved each other. She always depended on her husband for just about everythin… fixing broken things in the house, paying the bills, for buying a new house for the kids to live in… sorting out their debts….and even for just picking the right dress for the occasion.

By consistently thinking and feeling down, a person might be already experiencing depression. A person dealing with this condition may also feel irritable for no apparent cause, together with lack of energy and concentration. Depression is not a one time event. If a person has experienced depression at some time in his/her life, the chances of a recurrence are high. Some people exhibit depression in various ways. Symptoms of such can be the following: consistent feelings of sadness, tension, and irritability; change in appetite with considerable gain or loss of weight; restlessness; change in sleeping patterns; decrease in pleasure of doing usual hobbies and interests; lack of decision making skills; feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness; and thoughts of suicide and death.

Depression, can strike at any time just like that of the common cold. And it is clear how the brain pattern changes when a person is depressed. Modern scans of the brain have deciphered just how hard the brain works and has found that certain parts like the front do not work as expected. It is also found that a patient has higher than what you would call normal levels of stress hormones.Feelings experienced with depressive illness can stay with the patient for weeks sometimes running into months.

Disorderly Conduct of the brain.This is a psychological disorder which is hard to understand due to the trail of physical side effects one being total exhaustion. Other known facts are, depressed people dream up to three times more that of the non sufferer.

l Drastic change in appearance and appetite either weigh gain or weigh loss.l Emptiness and pessimism.l Feeling overly tired or lethargic.l Thoughts of suicide.l Restlessness and/or Irritability .l Difficulty in concentrating.l Being so forgetful.l Feelings of guilt.l Loss of interest in usual hobbies.The degree of depression depends on how person goes under the degree of mental trauma. As we get older we may gradually experience some loses in the previous years like relatives, spouses and friends due to death or illness. Our body simply cannot take so much stresses but in most recent years a lot doctors are giving antidepressant prescriptions like Prozac, Wellburin etc…as a new generation type of cure and a host of the most effective antidepressants out there in the market but taking medications along is not a 100% guaranteed.

If you have any concerns about yourself or that of another person please talk to your local GP.

Find more information about negative thinking and how mind and body are connected.

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