Crucial Tips For Buying A Massage Chair

Massage therapy is probably one of the oldest methods of healing and rejuvenation. Its roots can be traced back to 2000 BC where it was used by the Romans. It has been used as a method to help ease aches, pains and relieve tension in the body. With the advance of technology, massage chairs are now available which include many massage techniques as well as supplemental treatments for wellness.

Reduce Back Pain: back pain is one of the most commonly reported occupational injuries in the United States. The muscles of the lower back become stiff which leads to discomfort. The flexibility of these muscles needs to be restored to help reduce the incidence of back pain. Massage chairs have a number of techniques which are used to help elongate the muscle and soft tissue areas. This helps to restore their prior flexibility.

Stiff Shoulders: many people complain about stiffness in the shoulder and neck area. There are a number of issues which can contribute to this type of stiffness. Relief can be found by stretching out and elongating these muscles of the upper back. Typically, a kneading massage is used to help loosen tight muscles of the shoulders. This is very soothing and relaxing to receive.

Shiatsu Technique: this massage technique is famous for using acupoints to help the body relax. It is also a very invigorating type of massage. It helps to improve the circulation throughout the body. It also uses acupressure massage to stimulate the acupoints and help with overall relaxation.

Reflexology Massage: this is a very interesting massage technique that uses trigger points in the hands and the feet. Pressure is directed at specific trigger points in the feet which correspond to major organs in the body. Massage chairs concentrated the massage on the feet to help relieve tension throughout the body. This is a soothing massage to relieve aching feet as well.

Compression Massage: Air compression massage is used to provide a gentle squeezing action to the larger muscles in the body. Generally it targets the arms, hands, legs and feet. The air compression is run from a compressor which activates specially designed airbags throughout the recliner.

Stretching: Many of the better massage chairs contained a stretching system. These stretching systems are usually for the lower body. The feet are held in the leg rest using airbags. Next the leg rest is raised to its top position. It is then lowered to a number of different points. Each point helps to stretch out the legs from the hips to the ankles.

Heating elements: the best massage chairs now integrate heating systems and to their recliners. Heat is commonly used to help reduce swelling particularly with athletes. It is also known to assist with enhance blood flow.

Music: it is hard to imagine receiving any massage without music being played in the background. Music is commonly used to help the mind to relax and focus on stressful issues. As the mind begins to relax, this helps to release the tension team held over the body.

There are many therapeutic features constantly being added to massage chairs. Not all manufacturers include these features in their massage recliners. Think about some of the longer-term benefits that you can enjoy with these types of features. Make a list of the ones that you think are important for you in this way, you will be assured to find the perfect massage chair for you.

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