Cord Blood Stem Cells Are Safe And Effective In Medical Treatments

Cord blood stem cells are vital fluid that is inside the umbilical cord after your baby is born. It is a priceless supply of stem cells that are used in a wide range of medical treatments. Cord blood banking allows families to store this supply to use in the future.

These almighty little stem cells are superior in the body. They are effective in building new organ tissues, replacing blood supply, and building up the immune system. Research began with bone marrow transplants for cancer patients. Chemotherapy is hard on the body leaving the immune system compromised. Stem cellules help to repair the damage from chemotherapy and the body naturally begins healing itself.

Regenerative medicine is the new research going on using these little wonder cellules on brain injuries and childhood diabetes.

Bone marrow transplants through cellular medicine has been a successful treatment for more than twenty years. Many different cancers and Leukemia and different types of disorders can be successfully treated using these little cells. Recent studies show that the magic cellules can definitely heal these diseases through rebuilding and regenerating organ tissues.

Banks are available to hold on to your baby’s cord blood stem cells for you should you ever need them. Many important adjustments are going on when you are expecting a baby. This is one of them. Think of it as a special once in a lifetime gift from your baby that could save his or her life or a brother or sister’s life later down the road. It is an important life giving choice for your family. Storing it properly will keep it safe should you ever need it.

Collecting stem cells is safe, easy, and fast. The doctor can do it at the time of delivery and it only takes a few minutes. He cuts the cord and then packs it up in protective packaging and it is sent directly to storage. There they keep it for you in a cryogenic freezer tank until the day that you request it.

According to the most current data, one in every two hundred and seventeen people by age seventy will need to use his or her own vital cellules or someone else’s. Better safe than sorry as the old saying goes. If you’re having a baby then it is the time to think about saving the vital life giving fluid. Brothers and sisters are a good match and baby will always be a perfect match. Parents and grandparents can match too.

A special bank can store your tiny cellules for as long as you need them too. In the case of stem cells more is better. More cellules translates into better recovery time and less medical complications should you ever become sick and need them. If possible, saving the vital fluid from each child you have would give you more stem cells and more matches for your family. It is a great life saving technique and everyone should be able to do it. Perhaps one day in the future everyone will be able to save their cord blood for a longer, healthier life.

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