Review For The Human Touch Model HT 135 Massage Chair Recliner

You can now find quite a range of different massage chairs on the market today. There are very expensive one for the luxury models. However, you can find some in the midrange that perform very well. One interesting recliner is the HT 135 robotic massage chair. This recliner is manufactured by the Human Touch massage chair Company. This is a massage chair review of the HT 135.

You find some advanced technology in the Human Touch massaging chair. The Human Touch company has proprietary technology for its massage techniques. The quad style rollers contained in the recliner are able to perform percussion style massage as well as kneading.

The massage chair comes with a remote control. The remote control allows you to select different features of the recliner. For instance, you can select a massage type or recline the chair backward.

On most massage chairs, the remote control is hardwired into the chair. This particular recliner also has a wired controller. The remote used on this recliner has buttons on two sides of the remote.

We are now starting to see a variety of good quality synthetic leather upholstery on the market. The Human Touch chair uses synthetic leather on it chair. It has a soft and subtle feel to the touch.

You’ll find that the massage chair only has the capability to massage your back and your lower legs. There are no features to massage your buttocks and thighs. A calf massager is used to massage both the calf area and the feet.

The recliner also comes with a power recline. Simply push the button to find the right angle of recline for the chair back. You can recline the chair back to 170 degrees.

Instead of using therapeutic features, the Human Touch recliner comes with a foam seat cushion. It is a special type of foam which is supposed to mold to your body. This is supposed to help relieve pressure.

There is also special programming for its automatic massages. This combined with some of the proprietary technology give a very subtle and realistic feel to these massage. Just choose one of the 3 automatic programs to find the one best for you.

The calf massager is only adjustable in the angle from the chair. The calf massager is at a fixed length and does not extend out. This was one of the drawbacks to me being able to position my legs properly in the calf massager.

Now the calf massager of this model of recliner is quite interesting. It has a special bracket which allows it to be flipped. This is a nice feature in that you can hide the deep well calf massager when not in use.

The recliner utilizes a pedestal base. Like so many other Human Touch massage chairs, the pedestal base style is employed with this model. The advantage of the pedestal is that it allows you to swivel the chair.

The Human Touch HT 135 massage chair has both style and effective massage therapy. Like most midrange models, some sacrifices are made to keep the price down. The HT 135 massage chair does not have any middle body massage for the buttocks and thighs. The massage areas are limited it to the calves, feet and back areas. The HT 135 does come in a contemporary design with a swivel base which is attractive. This is my massage chair review.

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