Constantly Cold Hands And Feet: What Can Be Done About It?

Constantly cold feet and hands are uncomfortable. Quite a few men and women are bothered by cold feet causes. But though cold feet are a part of life for quite a few people, for others cold feet can be agony. For some, cold feet is really nothing to be concerned about. It is simply the body’s way to send blood to areas of the body which need it more urgently, including the lungs or the digestive system. However for other people cold feet can be a sign of some thing a lot deeper.

The causes of cold feet are many. When the body has an immediate requirement for blood, for example, after a heavy dinner, after a workout or as soon as the temperature in the room has decreased, the body can redistribute blood from parts of the body which require it less, for instance the feet and hands, to parts which need it more, such as the intestines. This can be normal and healthy but can trigger cold fingers and toes. On the other hand, some medical conditions can also cause abnormally cold hands and feet. Some of these medical conditions may include Reynaud’s Syndrome or cardiovascular illness. It’s quite difficult to know which of these are the causes of cold feet and the only way to be certain is to visit a physician find out.

After a physician has ruled out any medical reason for cold feet and hands what can you do? There are lots of solutions on the market that may make you feel better. One such product that many people enjoy is microwavable hand warmers. These warmers are heated in the microwave and they can warm your feet for some time. An additional solution is a USB foot warmer. A USB foot warmer is plugged into the USB port of the computer. You have your warmers on while you’re working and they keep your feet comfortable indefinitely. Footie pajamas for adults also can help to keep the feet warm and cozy. Since footed pajamas cover the everything from the shoulders to the feet, they channel the heat which has been created by the body to the lower extremities, keeping each component of the body warm. Sheep skin shoes for example Uggs are one more way of beating the cold. Many people wear sheep skin shoes since the natural fleece lining not just takes away the moisture from the feet, it gives insulation to keep the feet warm even if the weather is quite cold.

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