Concrete Polishing Tools: A Look At The Equipment Used To Polish Floors

The polish process requires a few different concrete polishing tools and so knowing which ones to purchase will help speed up the process. The polish can be done in one of two ways the first being a dry polish that requires no additional lubricants. The dry method uses a polisher that has a bag attached to it and vacuums up the dust as it goes to keep the area clean and tidy.

The wet method uses the same type of polisher only without the extra bag because no dust is created during the process. Instead the water is used as a lubricant that cools down the diamond abrasives as they prepare the surface for the polish portion of the job. The wet method will make a bigger mess that will need to be cleaned up before the polish job can be completed.

The floor polisher is the bread and butter for people who polish floors for a living and so purchasing a quality one is very important. The machines come in many different weights and so the heavier the model the better job it will do during the process. Another tip is to purchase a machine that uses a planetary drive which consists of a single head with three to four additional smaller heads attached to it.

When purchasing a polisher another tidbit to know is the heavier the machine the nicer the finish when it is done. Another thing to remember is to purchase a machine that has a vacuum bag attached when purchasing for dry polish jobs. Along with the main polishers, hand models and walk behind edging models are also great to have because they can reach into the corners to ensure the entire area is covered.

The abrasives are next in the line of equipment purchase because they will be used to break up the old wax and particles on the surface. A coarse abrasive is required to do the initial grinding and prepare it for the second step which involves honing. A finer model is used to hone the area before the final polish can be performed and complete the job.

Before the fine abrasives are used, the floor can have filler applied to it that is designed to repair any cracks or damage in the floor. When the filler has been applied a hardening compound can be applied which will provide additional protection against moisture and stains. When the hardening compound is on the floor the fine abrasives are used to complete the polish.

When the polish has been completed, a good idea is to spray a stain guard over the area that will provide additional protection. The guard is ideal for areas like auto shops where oil is likely to get spilled on the surface along with other chemicals. Applying this mixture is generally done with a sprayer or a wax application device.

Using the right concrete polishing tools will ensure the job is done right every time and also will leave a long lasting protection. Vendors online have a wide variety of equipment for sale and it can be shipped directly to the customer. If purchasing a model is not in the cards, most home improvement stores have the equipment available for rent.

Nufinish’s line of concrete polishing pads and metal tools reduce the amount of steps required to produce stunning polished concrete, saving you time and money.

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