Common Health Foods That You Should Not Be Eating

There is a lot to be made in the health and fitness industry. After all, it brings in billions and billions of dollars each year.

And with all this profit potential comes an endless influx of health related products. The main problem here, however, is that a lot of what’s promoted as healthy is not.

Thus, without further delay, here are some food items to stay away from:

1. Fruit juice: You can observe endless fruit juice concoctions being promoted as healthy. Even worse, some companies promote the anti oxidant levels of their formulations. What they don’t tell you is how juice loses the majority of its antioxidants once it is processed. And they really don’t tell you how most of a fruits’ nutritional value is found in its peel and flesh.

2. Caffeine pills: Most energy formulations are simply different combinations of caffeine with other ingredients. And caffeine causes your body to release hormones that energize you. While this is ok every once in a while, chronic use of energy pills can leave you over exhausted.

3. Horse pills: Whenever choosing a multivitamin, strive to get one that has no more than 100% daily value for any given nutrient. Anything more and you could end up with toxic levels of a nutrient, especially if you take other supplements.

4. Boxed cereal that looks nice: Cereals are heavily promoted to children and this is very unfortunate for us as a society. You see, cereals are simply full of sugar-the last thing you want in your diet. In fact, multiple studies have shown that when athletes eat slower digesting sources of food versus cereal, they perform better and don’t get tired as quickly.

5. Energy bars: Most energy bars on the market are one step away from being a snickers. Do not be swayed by the attractive packaging. Instead, always read the ingredients list to see exactly what you are getting yourself into.

The bottom line is that whole foods will always be far superior to any type of supplement. Unfortunately, whole foods don’t have the marketing appeal that one-hit-wonders have. So please don’t fall for the hype and always read labels!

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and recent arm fat sufferer, teaches how to lose arm fat. Unearth how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her website with advice on how to lose arm fat right now!

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