Closet Makeover 101

Always running late because you can’t seem to find a particular garment that you like to wear? No more space for your newly purchased clothes as a result of so much clutter inside your closet? Answering ‘yes’ to these questions simply means that it’s about time to regain control over your clothes and other things inside your closet even before they conquer your bedroom.

Begin by removing everything from your closet and categorizing them according to those that you still want to use and keep, donate and throw away. Adhere to the most practical general rule: ditch things that you haven’t used for one year already which applies to clothes, shoes, bags, belts, and other accessories that you keep in your closet.

You may have lots of personal stuff in your closet for numerous reasons. It may be because they don’t fit anymore, out of style, the colors aren’t your type, they carry a deep sentimental value that you cannot give them just yet, or you simply may have forgotten that they actually exist. But you can now envision how much space they are occupying which you could otherwise use for things that are lying around in your room.

Gather all clothes that you still want to use and decide which you will hang and which you should fold. Put like colors together for a streamlined display and to make it easy for you to look for a particular item. It can help to make use of clothes’ hangers in a single color only to achieve a neat, organized over-all look. Place rolled underwear and socks in a drawer to keep them from getting scattered all over the closet. In lieu of a built-in drawer, you may use small, stackable plastic drawers or boxes with lids.

There are times when, even after you have eliminated things that you no longer want to use, you see that you still don’t have sufficient space for all the essentials that you want to keep. In this case, Storage Space Singapore rentals are what you might just need. You can always rely on the services of a self storage Singapore company where you can safely stock items that you don’t always wear like gowns, coats, thick jackets, costumes, boots, luggage, and other specialty stuff. To take full advantage of the unit that you will lease, you may want to include things that you rarely use such as holiday decorations, sports and exercise equipment, inflatable pools, or baby items.

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