Need More Storage Space At Home For Your Stuff?

With the countless things that you have accumulated over the years along with the personal belongings of everyone else in your household, you are now in dire need of additional space in your home. But the problem is that you don’t have the money and time yet for a renovation. Thanks to these easy, practical solutions, you can enjoy a more organized, cozy home without having to spend a lot.

The very first thing to do is to inspect each room and square inch of your house, including the floors, walls, and the ceilings. There could be a blank wall in your living room where you could mount shelves to neatly show off selected family photos and your prized collections. Or perhaps you could use a blank corner in your bedroom where a stack of plastic cases can be placed to hold clothes, shoes, bags, stationery, or just about anything that could fit in there.

Opt for double duty home furniture as a way to enjoy more floor space. If you have visitors who frequently sleep overnight and you don’t have a guest room, you might be better off having a day bed or a sofa bed instead of a regular couch at the living room. In the bedroom, a study desk can also function as a vanity table when fitted with a mirror. Another technique is to use a glass-top dining or coffee table if you want to make the space look bigger.

Gather all your things and decide which you want to keep, throw, and give away or sell. You can hold a yard sale for your neighbors and friends who might find something that you don’t want to use or keep anymore. Include here old clothes, shoes, dinner ware, broken appliances or musical instruments, or your children’s outgrown toys and books. The fun part here is making some money while freeing up and enjoying additional space at home. Just be sure to schedule the sale on a weekend when a lot of people are not at work or in school.

For things that you just cannot give up easily but can’t be accommodated in your home due to limited space available, self storage facilities are your best bet. Think of these storage space solutions as the extension of your house where you can keep important things that you don’t use too often. Examples are seasonal home decors, special occasion clothes, or any stuff that holds a sentimental value to you and your family.

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