Corporate Training For 21St Century Organizations

Corporate training is considered to be a very important part of organizational policies today in order to get the best from employees. Because of the different levels of understanding and perspective of this program they resorted to giving it different names.

Irish Institute of Training and Development experts said that training, education, and development which are the three major parts of human development training are alike. Today’s human development training practitioners view them as interrelated and complementary. In the next few years, more and more companies will embrace human development but the high cost of integrating it into organizational program may discourage many from joining.

Because of the position occupied by top managers and directors, they only have the authority to facilitate corporate training. Who among the organizational staff need this training most; they are the business planning team. For this training to be really effective, participants have to focus on the end result. Different departments are motivated by different factors; hence there may clashes in interests involving two or more department based on this.

For relevance of employee in this fast changing world, there is need to learn and unlearn new things on constant basis to keep up with changes in the corporate world. When employees see the effort their organizations are making to make them perform better in their jobs they too will get motivated and deliver more. Different methods are used to tap unused talents and to develop new ones in all categories of employees in an organization; this is a necessary step towards making the organization perform efficiently. If the company finds it hard to do talent development training for all members of her staff, then she may reserve it for top management staff, which will learn, teach, and live it for others to see. The challenges facing organizations are many and varied but successful ones have been able to scale through by training and retraining their staff to cope with them.

Many companies are moving away from the traditional method of allowing staff to only learn as they gather experience in the job. The new trend that has emerged in the 21st century are companies moving away from the traditional method of training and customizing human development training to suit their own company norm and preference. The economy has taught lots of organizations to conserve whatever good part of their factor of production they have, the major ones being employees, hence they now resort to training and retraining them.

If workers are not well motivated, even after training they will not be able to actualize what they have learnt, this is not a good development, and will make the resources spent on the project to be a waste. Making this human development training an integral part of total organizational development is the major practitioners are facing today. Staff positions must be considered in all the policy and decision they make, and they must be seen as very important part of the organization. Without them the wheel of the company cannot move forward as expected.

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