Ask your doctor

Fifty years ago, health care was a much different experience than it is today. Medicine was certainly not so advanced, but doctors were much more accommodating of their patients. For example, if your kids were sick, the doctor would come to your house, at any time of the day or night to attend to them….


General nutrition

When the new year rolls around many people decide the would like to lose weight. It is a common New Year’s resolution, though many people find they fail. This is why I never make weight loss a New Year’s resolution. If you have decided that this is what you want to do, there are some…

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Junk Food

I grew up in the generation of junk food – eating anything and everything unhealthy for me. I turned out fine. I’m incredibly healthy, despite the fact that I practically survived on candy bars and potato chips. Nowadays, there’s a major obesity problem going on in the world and everyone wants to point fingers at…

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Body fat scale

People always worry about weight nowadays. They want to be thinner than their friends, be able to fit into clothes that they could not fit into since high school, and look like the celebrities on TV. Weight, however, is not the issue. Body fat is. If you have too high a body fat rating, you…

Blood pressure readings

If you’re like most people, you probably have little idea of what blood pressure readings really mean. High blood pressure can be detrimental to your health, leading to conditions like heart disease and kidney disease. Low pressure can cause you to become light-headed or it may lead to fainting in some cases. Many of us…

Beautiful people

Every year, People Magazine publishes a list of the most beautiful people in the world. Sometimes there are new faces, other times faces stay on that list for years and years. There is no doubt that the people who make the beautiful people list truly are beautiful. Of course, when looking at the list of…

Cosmetic surgery stats

Cosmetic surgery is a booming business. To many, it represents fame, fortune, and glamor. Stars spend millions of dollars every year to look young and beautiful. Yet there is a darker side to cosmetic surgery. According to cosmetic surgery statistics, a growing number of the cosmetic surgeons practicing today are unqualified for the procedures that…

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Blood pressure cures

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Unfortunately, this is now a common condition. Most cases of high blood pressure result from poor life style practices and our diets. When blood pressure becomes high, you risk developing plaque in your arteries, which may cause heart attacks and strokes. So it’s important to monitor blood pressure….


Become a model

How many young girls dream of becoming a model? I can’t even begin to guess but I know that proportionately much less actually go on to fulfill this dream. For many, they become less interested in modeling as they grow older and develop other interests. However, for others, they find that it is just too…