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Airbrush tanning

With all the hard work put into exercise, why not show off that great body? Lean and toned muscles are accentuated and complimented by a rich tan. Darker, glowing skin also sends out a message of health and exotic beauty. Each year, millions of women try desperately to attain and keep a good tan by laying in the sun for hours upon hours. This practice takes time to complete, but more importantly, is damaging to the skin. Prolonged sun exposure can cause cancer, and make the skin age much faster than usual.

There is the option of rub-in tan lotions, but those are a big messy hassle, that leave streak marks as far as the eye can see. For a streakless and even tan, you ought to check out the art of airbrush tanning? This effective, harmless procedure can save you from damaging sun rays, and can even be fun to do. There are several methods which you can use. You’ll soon enough find the technique that works best for you.

The first method of airbrush tanning involves going to a salon. At the salon, you stand in a shower stall that sprays your entire body in a glowing dark paint. You wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the chemicals, and a swiveling nozzle circles your body several times, for complete coverage.

This technique works by dyeing the outermost layer of skin. Composed mainly of dead, discarded tissues, this part of the epidermis will replace itself in five to ten days. This style of airbrush tanning will last longer then a sun tan, and is also the safest choice to select when salon tanning. Tanning beds, for example, give that almost genuine sun kissed look, but may carry a host of undesirable illnesses. For example, venereal diseases can be passed on through tanning beds, making that tan not so worthwhile!

The next method of airbrush tanning is more popular, and with good reason. Because the tanning solution is applied by an experienced tanning specialist, you can rest assured that you’ll get an even, all over tan.

If you want to get all that you possibly can out of your airbrush tanning session , here are a few recommended tricks that will make your airbrush tanning experience a little richer. To start with, always exfoliate skin the day before your airbrush tanning appointment. This will make the tan last longer. Before you leave the salon, ask the sales person to recommend a tanning cream specifically geared towards locking in moisture. Using these types of tanning creams helps retain the smooth and soft glowing skin you want.

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