Cases A Top Criminal Lawyer Deals With

A top criminal lawyer who has many years of experience must be hired by the individual who is alleged to have seriously infringed the constitutional right of another person. One of the rights the constitution behests to every individual is the right of life. A person who murders is considered to have infringed the right of life of another person. People who commit sex crimes are considered to have infringed the rights of victims by harassing victims. As a matter of fact, sexual crimes are called sexual harassment. A person can also commit a crime against a nation.

In a legal case, there is the victim and the alleged perpetrator of a crime. Before the judge comes up with a fair ruling, the perpetrator will be considered innocent. The constitution of most nations in fact says that one is innocent until proven guilty. The court refers to the alleged perpetrator as a defendant and the victim as a plaintiff. If the victim is a nation, the government of the victimized country will be a plaintiff. A nation will be victimized by one of its citizen who steals government money. A nation will also be victimized by a foreigner who tries to enter the country with banned drugs.

The individual who victimizes a nation in any way faces the wrath of government prosecution in court. When faced with government prosecution, an experienced attorney will be the only hope. One of the task an experienced attorney has to carry out is to outline to a person the legal consequences associated with a particular kind of crime. Crimes that involve dealing with banned drugs normally attract life imprisonment. However, in some drug related cases, defendants are normally acquitted of wrong doing.

It is possible for one to be proven innocent in any case. This is if there was mistaken identity or there are pre trial issues. Mistaken identity is when a person is arrested for a crime he did not commit. Before trial issues will be caused by poor investigations by the police. A lawyer can use loopholes in police investigations to request the judge to dismiss a case.

There are different types of murder cases. This includes genocide, homicide, suicide and manslaughter. In some countries, if one is found guilty of killing another person or a number of persons, one is sentenced to hanging. Manslaughter is a crime where one killed another person or a group of persons by accident without having planned. With a good lawyer, one can get a sentence of some few years in jail in a manslaughter case.

Genocide is considered to be a crime against humanity. Most genocide cases are normally prosecuted before the International Court in Netherlands. Cases that feature in this court involve the best lawyers in the world.

Sex crime cases and robbery cases can also attract severe sentences. A sex crime case can be a rape case or a sodomy case among other cases. If one is charged under the banner robbery with violence, there is a possibility of a severe sentence.

A top Toronto criminal lawyer will represent a person considered to be a criminal before a justice authority. A person who is considered to have been an active participant in a vile crime is simply facing allegations. Allegations will have to be substantiated with real facts before they form the basis of a sentence.

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