Car Detailing To Protect Your Investment And Your Life

A great deal of individuals detail or wash their car for aesthetic reasons and that is all very well, but there are far more important reasons for detailing one’s car. Most individuals spend roughly the same percentage of their money on a car. I mean that as they get a better job, they tend to buy a better car. Therefore a car is a sizable investment for most people.

It makes sense to safeguard one’s investments and even if you cannot make your car grow in value, you can at least take every measure in your power to reduce the speed of its depreciation. One of the foremost ways of doing this is by frequent maintenance and detailing a car ought to be regarded as part of your regular maintenance programme.

Car detailing as part of a maintenance programme also has a safety aspect. You assume that if your brakes are not serviced properly that there is a greater likelihood that they may fail one day and you ought to expect that if you do not take proper care of your car’s bodywork that it may rust and become less protective in case of a crash.

So having said that here are a couple of tips to help you protect your investment and maybe even your life.

Windscreen wipers should be kept clean and unworn at all times. Have you ever sat in a car with bad windscreen wipers while it is raining? It is very frightening. If it has not rained for a while, then you might not have noticed the dust and grit building up under the windscreen wiper blades.

This abrasive dirt will soon score your windscreen, especially if someone accidentally switches them on when it is not raining. A scratched windscreen is bad enough, but if the blades are worn, they will not clear the rain sufficiently for you to see properly either.

You ought to make a point or regularly lifting the blades from the windscreen and inspecting and cleaning them. You will soon see if the rubber is starting to perish or wear out and you will also notice a line of solidified dust (or worse) on the glass. Wet both the wipers and the glass before attempting to clean them in order to soften up the dirt.

Use a sponge or chamois leather on the glass, but use an old rag on the rubber blades, because they can ruin a new sponge or costly chamois leather. Use this rag for cleaning other rough parts of the car like the wheels, registration plates and bumpers.

When you are cleaning the windows of your car, it is a good idea to get into the practice of finishing the cleaning of the outside with vertical wipes and the inside with horizontal ones (or vice versa, if you like). This way you will know which side those maddening, and frequently distracting, smears are.

While we are on the topic, it is not a good idea to hinder your view by having furry dice or anything else hanging from your rear-view mirror. These symbols are intended to bring good luck and protection, but they are the precise opposite. Likewise nodding dogs and big speakers on the rear shelf are obstructive and window stickers of any size are silly. Transparent glass is meant to be seen through not looked at.

Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on lots of topics, but is at present concerned with auto interior detailing. If you want some suggestions on detailing cars come over to our website now at Detailing Car Interiors.

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