Can Your Baby Be A Vegetarian?

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are at least fifteen years of age, so if you were to make a decision to become a vegetarian at this moment, you would have at least fifteen yeas of eating meat behind you and it is difficult to change the habits of a lifetime.

Lifestyle alterations are the most difficult to achieve, so it is easier to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, if you have never consumed meat at all. Therefore, the baby of a vegetarian mother has the best chance of maintaining a vegetarian life.

It is a matter of ethics whether a vegan mother should feed her baby on breast milk. There is no reason why she ought to not do so. Her body is creating milk for her baby, yet she might not like to give her baby ‘animal fat products’. It is a bizarre decision to have to take.

After the baby has been weaned, the choices are easier again. You can create fantastic baby food recipes with fresh fruit and vegetables and a blender. Soya is another vegetable product that is useful for your baby’s vegetarian diet because it is one of the few vegetable sources of protein.

Soya is also very adaptable, although not always recommended for very young babies. You can eat or drink soya and you can bake, boil or fry it. It is fairly bland on its own, yet it takes on the flavours of whatever you cook it with, so it can be used to push up the protein content of practically anything.

If you are intent on raising your child as a vegetarian or even a vegan, you have to be very cautious after weaning, not to replace your own milk with cow’s milk. However, this is where you will have to take advice from your doctor and midwife.

Do not let philosophy and principles stand in the way of your baby’s health. If your doctor decides that your baby actually needs the things that are present in cow’s milk, then so be it, unless you seek out a vegetarian doctor for a second opinion.

At around six months of age, babies can start eating cereals. Rice is one of the easiest to digest. You can create a very thin rice meal by boiling the rice in water until it practically disappears, leaving that characteristic white water. Millions of Asian babies grow up on rice water every year.

As a vegetarian of some experience, you will have a decent notion about which combinations of food fulfill dietary requirements, so you will be able to use this information to make sure that your baby does not go short of anything, and pay particular attention to any deficiencies that the doctor notices.

Naturally, you have to tell your doctor from the outset that you are a vegetarian and that you want your baby to be brought up in the same manner, because that could well have an impact on the vitamins or supplements that the doctor gives your baby.

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