How to Approach a Handicap Bathroom Remodeling Project

More than likely, if you aren’t already involved in a remodeling a bathroom for handicap use, you probably will be at some point your lifetime. More and more people are disabled each year, and a growing number of the population is aging fast as the first wave of the baby boomers appear. Because of this, there is a need for good design advice when tackling a bathroom remodeling project for a handicap facility in the home. It is usually cheaper to remodel than to build a whole new bathroom onto a house. But this is not always the case, depending on the type of disability and how much you have to invest.

Here is some advice that may make your remodeling project more successful, if you are careful to follow it. The first order of business is to know what the needs are before you begin the project. Don’t assume that every handicap is the same and that all equipment is one size fits all. It’s not. So do your homework.

Talk to the person who will be using the bathroom, also get more information from a doctor or therapist, if necessary. Additionally, you can learn more from the ADA compliance information set forth for public facilities. Secondly, decide whether you are equipped to do the work yourself or if you will need the help of a contractor. If you need a contractor, be sure that he is knowledgeable about ADA guidelines for the disabled.

Another thing to do is to be totally realistic about how much money you can to invest in the project. Handicap accessories can get expensive and you will spend a lot of money before you know it. So, be sure to understand what is crucial to the bathroom and what items can be left off, if there’s not enough money. One way to save money, is to use as many of your conventional fixtures and add portable handicap equipment to as many areas as possible, such as a tub lift instead of replacing the entire bathtub with a handicap unit.

Fourth, be aware of the major areas of renovation that usually must be addressed when remodeling a bathroom. The floor, toilet area, bathtub or shower area and sink or cabinetry are commonly remodeled. If you need to deal with wheelchair issues, then you will also need to deal with the width of doorways and the available turn radius in the bathroom. In any case, be sure to do your homework before tackling a home remodeling project for a handicap bathroom.

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