California Mesothelioma Lawyer: Malignant Mesothelioma Settlements

It has been proved that asbestos is responsible for a host of deadly diseases, including cancer. Settlements worth billions have been given in asbestos litigation; settlements worth billions more are pending in various American courts. The purpose of asbestos settlements is to help the victim of asbestos related diseases with money to cover medical expenses. In worse cases, it was meant as a compensation for the loss of income over the years, and the potential earning capacity of an individual.

The noise deadening quality of asbestos saw it very useful in the construction of floors, ceiling and tiles. It is said that buildings that were built before 1978 might have traces of asbestos in them. The asbestos is dangerous when its fibers are released into the air and they are easily inhaled. The are tiny and invisible therefore making it hard for anyone to detect them. The fibers once in the system, stay for a very long time before the disease emerges. They cause the cells to change and eventually become cancerous. The latency period can range from 30 to 50 years. When a diagnosis is made, it is usually very late and the prognosis does not look good at all. A victim can however seek legal solace by filing a legal suit against the manufacturing company.

Since the late 1960s victims and the survivors of victims of asbestos related diseases have been successfully holding the companies that were responsible for these illnesses accountable for their actions. They have been hiring law firms that specialize in asbestos related illnesses to represent them in civil court. Many of the plaintiffs have either agreed to settlements or have been awarded monetary compensation by the courts. The settlements and awards often have been for six figures, seven figures, or more. Recently juries have begun to award substantially more money to the victims of asbestos related diseases. A settlement is a financial agreement that is reached out-of-court. It can happen before court proceedings begin, during the trial, or after the judge has made a ruling on the case. An award is the amount of financial compensation that has been decided upon by the courts.

Nothing can match the disease but, special consideration is taken for people who might have suffered severely. The other factor that is very vital is the specific laws of a state or country. The political climate affects how a mesothelioma settlement is going to go. This is because of the legislation in the particular issue of mesothelioma.

There are also allegations of asbestos settlements having become a full-fledged industry, where the party benefiting the most are the California Mesothelioma Lawyer, as they get a part of the settlement as fees for fighting the cases.

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