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Testosterone is an androgen, a male hormone, though it's also present in females, but far less. Testosterone is answerable for the male organs development and growth, as well as other male characteristics that develop. Testosterone pills or injections are prescribed in many cases and for many different reasons, according to a physician’s recommendation. Testosterone pills may have serious side effects, as well as smaller complications, and prescribed testosterone must be directed and closely monitored by a doctor.

Medical uses include hormone replacement care, to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility issues, to treat a reduction in libido, to plug penis extension, inspire height expansion, to treat osteoporosis, to stimulate the appetite, to extend bone marrow production, and to treat anemia, and utilized in transsexual therapy.

Besides the medically-based reasons for testosterone use, another type of testosterone product is very popular in the current day's market – testosterone pills or testosterone boosters that are designed to promote the production of testosterone in the body. These tablets can be made from man-made ingredients or from naturally occurring ingredients like herbs, vitamins , minerals. These products do not supply the actual hormone; they get behind its production in the body or reduce the production of estrogen, a female hormone that is also present in males. Most side effects are associated with the prescribed version of the testosterone pills, and not the supplement booster form.

Testosterone pills are used to help to build muscle, increased muscle size, increase energy and endurance, increase sexual performance and libido, reduce cholesterol, reduce fat and promote muscle development and growth, reinforce mood, improve the firmness and period of erections, improve sleep, to plug powerful and dense bones, and even improve heart health and lung function.

Most pills that are well liked by bodybuilders and sportsmen are the anabolic kind and are engineered to increase muscle and bone density, and increase strength and staying power. These are used in conjunction with compound exercises to market the muscle enhancement and expansion. Many girls use these tablets to promote a sexual need or libido. Older men use them to push sexual endurance and as an energy booster. Many who have difficulty with erections depend on these tablets to have erections that last for longer and are far more firm.

As with any supplement, natural or not, there are warnings and side-effects. Folks who have breast cancer or prostate problems, as well as people who have cardiac issues, or women that are pregnant or making an attempt to conceive are suggested to keep away from these pills. These pills can be acquired online, at the drug store, or at a health and fitness store, as they aren’t the prescribed type. Prescription pills for testosterone must be ordered thru a pharmacy. Since the market is awash with so many testosterone booster products, pricing and brands, as well as name alter considerably. Ingredient content varies, as well as dosage. Pricing may start under $10 for this type of supplement and go up to over $99. The vital issue is the source, as you wish to get a pure product that has the correct amount of active ingredient and from a credible company.

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