Burn Through Your Fat With The HCG Diet Plan Tampa

Weight is a supercharged issue in today’s culture and there is constant mention of an obesity epidemic. Most people that are suffering from excess weight issues, however, are dealing with a small amount more akin to 20 to 50 pounds at the most. For these individuals, losing fat is exceedingly difficult. The poundage drops that you see on television are a combination of an extremely high starting point and hours of exercise. For those who are just overweight, a good system has to include something like a kick start and the HCG diet plan Tampa is just that plan.

The reason this program works so well is because it was created by an endocrinologist. These researches concern themselves with a system in the body that is intimately related with energy and metabolism.

The system itself is the marriage of the compound HCG and a restricted calorie diet. Sticking to this plan fully, with no deviations, is the key to its success. Compared to other so-called diet plans, the percentage of success in long lasting weight loss in the HCG plan is staggering at 70%. No other plan can boast such success.

The results of this plan are much better than any other on the market, with long term weight maintenance topping off at 70%. The reasons for this are because your body burns through its fat stores.

The first phase is the most gluttonous and requires the dieter to literally eat as many fatty foods as they can within a two day period. This is your chance to eat your favorite foods to the point that you simply can’t eat anymore, while taking drops, usually between 10-15, three times day.

Phase two lasts 21 days and keeps the drops the same, but has you only eating 500 calories. The reason this works so well to shed fat quickly is that the two day gorging primes the brain for low calorie days. During the next 21 day cycle, you won’t feel hungry simply because the HCG will instruct the hypothalamus to burn through over 3,000 calories of stored fat per day.

This burning is up to 3,000 calories per day! The third phase is also 21 days and you stop taking the drops while increasing your caloric intake to 800 for women and 1,000 for men. Your body will literally reshape itself if you put the work and discipline into it. Read more about: Hcg diet plan Tampa

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