Best Exercises To Train Your Abdominals And Lose Belly Fat

A flat tummy with well-defined abdominals is something many folks wish and hope to attain. Yet for lots of common people the abdominals are the least favourite muscle group to coach and can often feel just like a chore.

Why Will We Need To Coach Our Abdominals?

Coaching your abdominals is an essential part of any fitness routine, irrespective of whether you are a pro sportsman, weekend warrior or simply like to remain fit. Robust abdominals play an important role in daily life, and your body’s ability to perform daily tasks.

How To Train Your Abdominals

Coaching your abdominals don’t have to be dull or complicated or use fancy clobber. Actually some of the finest intestinal work-outs can be performed in the luxury of your home. The exercises below will work your lower and upper abdominals, obliques and deep core abdominals to make a more robust, leaner and more defined torso with nothing less than a mat for comfort.

REVERSE CRUNCH Reverse crunches target the lower abdominals and are a simpler, yet just as effective, version of the Roman Chair. It’s important to keep the movement controlled so it is coming from your abdominals and not your quadriceps.

V-SITS From amateur to advanced, v-sits will challenge everyone regardless of how powerful you suspect your ab muscles are. Thanks to the requirement to balance on your glutes, it’s best to begin with the modified version (using your forearms for support). Great for the lower abdominals.

ABDOMINALS CRUNCH A classic that works, the crunch targets the higher abdominals. Do not forget to keep your neck relaxed during the contraction phase to avoid straining. One tip is to imagine you are holding an orange between your chin and your chest.

OBLIQUE CRUNCH Targeting your obliques and upper abdominals, the oblique crunch adds the element of the twist of the legs to change the focus of the movement.

TWISTING CRUNCH Add a twist at the top of the standard crunch and you will target your obliques as well as your higher abdominals. Don’t forget to keep your elbows in line with your shoulders while lifting your shoulder to the opposite knee.

TWISTING REVERSE CRUNCH Combining the twisting crunch and reverse crunch, the twisting reverse crunch works your complete torso for a leaner look. Keep in mind the safety issues for the other exercises and you'll soon harvest the advantages of this one.

PLANK One of the most common core exercises, this is very effective at targeting the deep core muscles of the abdominals. Concentrate on correct strategy rather than the time period you can hold the position for and you'll soon gain a powerful core.

All these exercises are the best exercises to lose belly fat and train your abdominals. They can be easily acclimatised to using medication balls, gymnasium balls and dumbbells but are equally effective as body weight exercises. When coaching your abdominals, just remember the same rules of rest apply as they do to training other muscle groups. Add them to your routine to start to work towards leaner, more defined abdominals today.

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