Natural Herbs for Fertility: An Inexpensive Alternative

Infertility is a problem faced by both men and women. Low sperm count, low quality sperm, and age affects hormone levels and production of sperm for men. Women are affected by hormonal imbalance, irregular ovulation, inferior eggs or not enough eggs. Age and being underweight or overweight also affects the hormone levels and production of eggs. Costly fertility treatments are very time consuming and can be risks to the health. An inexpensive alternative involving less risks are vitamins, minerals, and herbs for fertility.

Ovulation herbs include Red Clover Flower, False Unicorn Root, Kelp, Nettle Leaves, Red Raspberry Leaves, Black Cohosh, Don Quai Root, Wild Yams, Pumbpkin Seeds, Saw Palmetto Berry, Sarsarparilla Root, Ginseng and Bee Pollen. These ovulation herbs are added to supplements to enhance and maintain a healthy reproductive system both for the woman and the man. It is often advised not to take self-medication based on your own knowledge of the possible effects of these ovulation herbs because of the other risks it may involve. It is still best to consult a health care practitioner who specializes on fertility drugs before consumption of any ovulation herb.

For centuries now, Chinese fertility herbs have been used to help increase fertility in men and women. There is no one particular Chinese fertility herb which holds the key in boosting fertility, but it is in fact, a combination of many different herbs which leads to a successful pregnancy. Many published research articles show the success rates that have been achieved because of the use of Chinese fertility herbs.

The commonly used ingredients used in the Chinese fertility herbs products are natural compounds derived from plants and their fruits, flowers, leavers and roots. There are many common compounds that are included in the products of both the men and women, but there are a few key ingredients which are only used in the products, dependent on the gender of the recipient.

We should start with the one that everyone hears the most about, Folic Acid. Taking a Folic Acid vitamin supplement can help prevent birth defects such as Spina Bifida during your pregnancy. However, taking Folic Acid as soon as you know you are ready to begin to attempt to conceive a baby, will help even more in preventing those birth defects. This is one of the vitamins men should take as well, to help conceive. Eating green leafy vegetables is an excellent way to get the Folic Acid vitamin naturally in your diet. You should be getting at least 400mcg of Folic Acid/day.

Using natural methods to get ones body into the best possible health and shape is one of the most successful ways to improve chances or fertility and to lower reproductive problems. Taking steps to stay in good health can help make the fertility process simple and painless. Using a product such as Mothers Hope is a great way to receive trying to conceive vitamins. These products help to increase fertility hormones, predict time for conception, and to enhance chances of fertility in women by preparing the body for reproduction.

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