Being Able To Reach Out To Cease An Assault

The moment I initially took a job as a security guard for a neighborhood shopping mall, we weren’t provided a lot of equipment. We were given the standard wooden billy club, almost one and a half feet in length, which I found to be somewhat short and flimsy.

After talking to my supervisor, I was given permission to carry a different sort of weapon, but with the condition that I pay for it myself given that they did not have the budget for anything else. So, I purchased a specialty extendable baton off the Web.

A self-defense baton differs from the standard wooden baton in that it offers you extended reach. Its length lets you keep the assailant within your striking range while staying out of his.

What I had picked was an expandable baton made from stainless steel. It’s lengthier as compared to an ordinary defense baton and is retractable. This allows it to take up less space and to fit easily in your backpack or the glove box of your car.

Mine opens up to around 26 inches. When it is closed, it is no more than 10 inches in length. People normally mistake it for a flashlight of some kind since I bring it tied to my duty rig so that it is available quickly in an emergency.

Needless to say, the baton itself is almost useless without training. I have trained exclusively in martial arts styles specializing in the use of blunt weaponry. And in the hands of a skilled practitioner, a telescopic baton is an extremely effective tool.

I ended up starting a trend among the security guards at the mall. Once others saw precisely how useful my self-defense weapon was, they began carrying their own. It seems to have spread to other areas. The management is thinking of making these our new standard-issue batons.

Thanks to their dependability and also convenience, extendable batons are being utilized by law enforcement agencies all over the country as replacements for old-school billy clubs. Plus, they are immediately becoming popular among self-defense enthusiasts.

Samuel Q Shotsey has been training people how to operate self defense products to defend themselves for many years now. There are many options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides complete support and instruction on how to operate the products.

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