What Causes Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be embarrassing for everyone whether it’s because women want to wear strappy heels or just want to walk around barefoot around the home and don’t want to cover up with socks. Cracked heels are noticeable, uncomfortable, and can really hurt the feet that is suffering from crack heels. What causes cracked heels? Can cracked heels be prevented? Is there anything that can heal cracked heals? There are treatments and if the cracked heels hurt or are red, burning, look like athletes foot, a foot dr. or podiatrist are available to answer serious questions or diagnose cracked heels further if needed.

One thing people need to keep in mind when embarrassed over cracked heels is that it is a very common foot problem and that both men and women suffer from cracked heels. Also cracked heels are also normally caused from dry skin during dry seasons and wearing shoes can help prevent cracked feet. When cracked heels occur it’s from dry calloused skin on the heels. Everyday activities such as walking, running, or just standing on your feet for long periods of time can aggravate the heel which causes callouses to build up and dry skin. Being barefoot often can also cause aggravated dry skin to the whole foot and also cause cracked heels, our feet take on our weight when standing, basically our feet take a lot of traumatizing activities through the day and cracked heels are a sign of tired over worked feet. Cracked heels almost always are on both heels and rarely on only one.

There are a lot of factors that can cause cracked heels, Colder dry weather is a big factor that causes cracked heels because the dryer conditions dry skin all over the body not just including the heels or feet. Another is a lack of vitamins in the body that can dry certain areas of the body out in desperation of trying to get the needed vitamins and minerals for your body and can cause the dry skin. A good analogy is a pregnant woman and her baby, the child needs calcium and will take if from where ever it can whether it be her teeth or bones it is very important to get all the nutrients your body needs or it will take it to get it and that can cause the cracked heels.

People who suffer from cracked heels can also have red dry skin around the heels that can hurt or itch and that could be treated with over the counter ointments or go into a doctor for special treatments. Some at home treatments for cracked heels can be providing lotions and there are lotions made specifically for heels. Also if the cracked heels aren’t red, itching or bleeding getting a pedicure can help too.

Don’t be discouraged about your cracked heels there are ways to treat and prevent slap on lotion daily can help. Or using a pumice stone can help keep your heels nice and smooth without the price tag of a pedicure. How to Treat Cracked Heels

People who suffer from cracked heels can also have red dry skin around the heels that can hurt or itch and that could be treated with over the counter ointments or go…. Learn more at cracked heels and shoe

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