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Since I discovered Reiki over 12 years ago, my life has changed in so many ways, and Gandhi’s statement resonates deeply with me.As you walk the Reiki path, and follow the principles of Reiki, you begin to have a much deeper understanding about the meaning and purpose of life.Just for Today is a key message in Reiki, and as you bring yourself to this present moment, you begin to realise that this is all there is! The past has already gone and the future has not been created.

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To begin with, some practical considerations:First – and obviously! – Master Level teaches you how to attune others to Reiki energy. So from that basic point of view it is a necessary step in becoming a teacher.Good Master Level courses do more than just teach you the attunements, however, they also help prepare you for teaching.They discuss the challenges, potential pitfalls and opportunities involved, and they give you the chance to assists classes to gain experience.Next, becoming a Reiki Master gives you a kind of ‘credibility’ in the world.Now, I realize this seems superficial, but from a practical standpoint it’s important. Because even if all you ever want to do with Reiki is work as a healer, you’ll find more clients coming your way if you are a Reiki Master.The title gives prospective clients confidence and helps separate you from the other Reiki healers out there.That said, I’d never encourage anyone to do Master Level ‘just for the certificate’.This, to me, would be a pretty miserable reason to do it.

No, you should only do Master Level if you have a serious desire to learn skills that can change both the world – and YOU!Before I go onto some of these reasons, I’d like to add that learning to attune others to Reiki doesn’t necessarily mean doing so in a professional environment.One of the most important things you can do with Reiki is attune your friends and family.Of these, you might pay particular attention to your children (or even nieces, nephews and the like), because just imagine how big an impact Reiki might make to their lives if they learnt it young, if it were second nature to heal with it, if, by the time they are your age, they had already been practising with it for 15, 20, 30 or more years!Reiki ought to be taught in schools; but until it is, you need to fill the gap – a gap made bigger by the age restrictions many Reiki associations place on course participants.Learn to Better Heal Yourself and Others,A lot of Master Level courses are divided up into two parts: A and B. Part A teachesskills to enhance personal practice, part B the teaching components.Whether the course is divided or not (I, personally, teach both parts together), Master Level should supply you with skills you can practise and develop for years to come. Skills that will profoundly shift the way you experience Reiki.

you will be able to ask questions and you will meet other people who share your interest and your attunements to each level of reiki are carried out by the reiki master during the course.Reiki can also be studied at home with a distance learning course.There is an audio course available where the Reiki Master talks you through each section of the you reiki training…..and also provided you with written materials, self healing MP3s, diagrams and practice sessions. You also receive distance attunements to each level of Reiki and Certificates for each level.

Esoteric Mantras. Not all Master Level courses teach these and, technically, they are not part of the classical system. Carefully chosen, however, these additional symbols can greatly enhance your ability to connect and amplify certain strands of Reiki energy. This can help both your ability to heal yourself and others as well as energetically clear spaces with less than perfect energy.Whole Body Reiki. A good Master Level course should teach you to go beyond what I term ‘cheirocentric’ Reiki (i. e. Reiki that exclusively uses the hands to heal). It should teach you to do Reiki with not just other parts of your body, but your entire body and energy field itself!

Energy Awareness. Here you will learn to better feel the ebbs and flows of energy, to feel energy outside of yourself.Advanced healing techniques, for instance psychic surgery and the like.Connecting to Spirit / The Flow. Everything you learn is in some way geared towards this blissful skill! Shift Your Energetic Vibration.One of the great advantages of shifting your energetic vibration is that it will bring you enhanced clarity in your life (for a detailed account of this, please read my recent article, R + M = C!).This clarity will help you make better decisions and will get rid of the angst often associated with indecision.The next critical reason you want to shift your energetic vibration is that it will bestow on both you and the world (!) greater inner calm, happiness and balance.

When a person wishes to become a master and teach pupils the therapy method, he has to pass through rigorous levels of learning the art himself. He has to prove that he is the best in the methods and only then will he be able to qualify for the master level certification. He has to devote a lot of time for practice and also learning the new methods and symbols. The master degree or the level where a person can become a master is difficult and hence all lower levels should be conquered.

As a rule, it is difficult to resist the incredible magnetism of our mind’s ideas; but there is at least one simple defence: anchor yourself in a state of great pleasure.Now, I know the meditation purists will object to this. They will say that you are being distracted by meaningless sensations; but the truth is you can actually use these sensations to help ground you in the present moment – the very thing even these critics will admit is the essence of meditation.How then can you anchor yourself in a pleasurable / blissful state?Connect to energy and then rest in the energetic sensations that arise.Since Reiki is all about energy, improving it means a greater connection to energy. This, in turn, means a greater ability to use this energy to BE in the present moment without being lured out of it by the mind.

Skills.The master has to overcome and be an ace in all the skills that are required in practicing Reiki. Spiritual healing, responses due to emotions, figures in therapy, communication, etc are the skills which a master must have.Energy usage.The master is such a person who knows how to use the energy of the life force in the right method. When healing is done the energy should be targeted on the affected areas of the body and mind.

The master knows very well how the energy flow has to be done and hence using symbols in the right fashion, it can be done.Learning for the master.The master has to learn to heal himself first and then move on to other people. All personal issues should be resolved by self therapy and then others can be treated.

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