Astaxanthin: Thq Queen of Antioxidants

Just about everywhere one looks right now, you will discover something being said about antioxidants along with their value to health. Some vitamins give antioxidant protection. Vitamins A, C, and E fall into this category. Astaxanthin is the latest antioxidant that puts the others to shame. There are several reasons why this is probably the most powerful antioxidant available.

Numerous sea creatures provide astaxanthin. This nutrient gives a reddish-pink color in a number of species. Certain algae make astaxanthin. It can be passed on to sea animals through consumption of the algae. The nutrient is also passed on by means of small fish in the food chain. Man cannot get enough of the nutrient from diet alone. The benefits of astaxanthin to humans is gained by regular supplementation.

This stuff is powerful. It is sixty-five times stronger than ascorbic acid, fifty-four times stronger than beta carotene, and fourteen times better than vitamin E in scavenging free-radicals from the body’s cells. It is involved in the damage from oxidation. When neutralizing singlet oxygenit is 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 11 times more robust than beta carotene.

Now you understand why if you are going to take only one antioxidant, astaxanthin should be it. So imagine the accumulative effects of taking this free-radical fighter for the next 10 years. You’ll look younger and feel great. Your friends? Your friends will be another story. It is day-to-day choices that make up for long-term results and benefits. Information about new and promising nutrients bring hope to many, particularly those who suffer from various ailments. You can get astaxanthin in stores today.

Astaxanthin really should be taken with food in order to absorb as much as possible. It has the ability to cross the blood barrier of the brain and eyes. Vision and brain health are maintained as a result.

There is another exciting benefit of astaxanthin for sun bathers — it prevents sun damage to the skin. Ultraviolet B rays are absorbed by astaxanthin, which prevents long-term skin damage and cancer risk.

Do not take synthetic astaxanthin. This unnatural form is given to farmed salmon in order to develop the vibrant pigment. You do not know what your getting. There is a significant difference in the antioxidant strength of synthetic astaxanthin and the natural form. The Long-term effects of sunlight can greatly increase the rate of the aging of your skin. If you have an internal daily defense, then you are in a better position to gain long-term benefits. Imagine looking 40 when you are 60 or 28 when you are 41. If you take start today, the long-term dividends will come in the form of compliments 10 years from now.

Astaxanthin stays in your system for a longer period of time. This means that you are still getting the benefits, even if you forgot to supplement. Many people take astaxanthin each day with a principle meal. Remember, it is better absorbed with food that contains fat.

Many healthcare professionals are saying that astaxanthin is simply one of the best antioxidants available because of the number of physical health benefits it provides. You can kill two birds with one stone taking this nutrient. Not only does it function as a antioxidant, but additionally functions as an anti-inflammatory, without major side effects.

Be diligent and study more on the health benefit of astaxanthin. Always pay a visit to your medical doctor for advice.

If you are looking for anexcellent supplement, get one that has the most benefits — that is Astaxanthin!.

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