Asian Glow And ALDH2 Enzymes

There is a way to cure Asian flush. This condition, known as Asian flush, or Asian glow, is not a figment of your imagination. This is a real condition that real people suffer from. It’s not just some racist slur that people made up a while ago because they thought Asians couldn’t drink as well as other people.

There is a scientific reason behind it, but to be honest, it’s really not that important. There’s a wikipedia page you can take a look at, but it’s full of scientific mumbo jumbo that most of us don’t really understand anyway. To make it short, it has to do with enzymes, metobilazation, and ethanol.

The symptoms of Asian flush and Asian glow are very obvious. There’s red, itchy skin. And some people might experience things like peely skin, hives, dizzy feelings, or even nausea an passing out! Imagine how terrible that would be! If you have this condition then you know that it’s as terrible as it sounds.

Some people recommend Zantac or pepcid ac as a way to cure Asian glow. This produces mixed results. Some report complete disappearance or their Asian glow, while other say there is little to no effect. Both are over the counter antacids so are generally safe to use and are readily available.

However, this can get expensive if you drink with friends twice a week, or if you like having wine with dinner. Do you really want to buy a month worth of antacids to cure your Asian flush? This doesn’t really count as a cure now does it? It’s more like avoiding the underlying problem.

So now to the point. I use a product called the “no red face formula”. I know, it’s a terrible name. They really could have come up with something more creative. However, the name says it all. It’s not a pill or drug-cocktail you have to use every time you go out. It’s a formula that you can use to cure Asian flush FOREVER.

It’s called The No Red Face Formula. It sounds kind of funny, and you might think it’s not a good idea if you’ve never heard of e-book – especially one that can cure your condition – but the proof is in the results.

I won’t waste my typing time and tell you how great it works because you probably already know that. I wouldn’t write such a long article if it was something that didn’t work now would I? Even though many people are still using antacids to get rid of their Asian flush / Asian glow, there are still many more who are starting to give the No Red Face Formula a try! I think a good method is to first try the antacids and see how well they work. If you’re not what you expected or need, then check out the NRFW.

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